Sunday, October 01, 2006

yellow gold ring

The yellow gold ring is probably the most purchased piece of jewelery in the world.

Although it is pretty straight forward it is still important to practice some due diligence when purchasing even this simple piece of jewelery.

Using a reputable jeweler or dealer is the first step. Especially if you are going to purchase online. Is the dealer easily contactable? Do they have a contactable phone number and is their address posted on the web site? It is a good idea to read their terms of service. Do they have a returns policy. What if you buy a ring and it does not fit or is not what you ordered or is not what you expected? Can you return it?

Deciding what karat gold is going to be used is the second. Obviously the more karats the gold ring the more it will cost and the more it is worth because there is more gold within the ring.

A 24 carat gold ring is just about pure gold. 18 carat is about 80-90 percent gold. 14 karat is just over half gold and half other metals.

A few factors to take into account here. Gold is a soft metal so if it is going to be worn continuously then purse gold is going to wear away faster. A lower karat will have other metals, such as silver, nickel, copper and zinc to improve its hardness and durability. A few people get a reaction to constantly wearing lower gold karat rings due to the nickel content. However most rings these days has less nickel content so a new ring is less likely to cause any problems.

Getting a certificate to show the value of the ring especially if it contains gemstones or a diamond is vital. Not only for insurance purposes but also you want to be sure the ring is genuine and you are getting what you have paid for.

These above are just a few simple points to keep in mind when buying a yellow gold ring and by doing so you are likely to get a ring with which you are very satisfied and which will last a lifetime.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gold Anklets

Gold anklets are very much an individual taste. Gold anklets come in a wide range of styles, colors and designs.

The gold used us usually 10 karat or perhaps 14Karat. This means that you have about 50 percent gold or less in the anklet. The balance is made up with nickel, copper and other metals, mainly to increase the hardness and durability of the anklet but also to save money. Gemstones and charms are often included and even beads for decoration.

There are many places one can get gold anklets including local jewelers, online from dealers and jewelers as well as many auctions on line.

It is important to ensure you are dealing with a genuine seller of course. Mostly common sense is sufficient, such as checking the seller has contact details available on their site or if by auction are a power seller (on eBay) or the equivalent on other auction houses. Ensure they provide a secure page for credit card details and have a returns policy.

Read the description of the gold anklet carefully and ensure you know what you are buying. Compare the gold anklet when you get it to the description and ensure it is correct. Avoid gold plate as the gold used is of the cheapest kind and although it may state 14 karat gold, the coating will be very thin and wear away very fast and will look pretty awful.

Check the description of the gem stones if they are included. Are they genuine?

Cleaning and maintaining gold anklets are important. They will tend to collect more dust and grime than most jewelery as they are close tom the round and feet will kick up duct a lot.

A gentle wash in warm soapy water followed by a thorough rinse will get rid of the grime that collects with everyday use. Avoid chemicals and detergents as they can react with the other metals alloyed or 'mixed' with the gold and turn the anklet dark or black.

Ensure it is completely dried so it does not attract dirt again and store safely away when not in use.

Keeping in mind the above will ensure you have many happy hours with your own gold anklets.

Monday, September 18, 2006

24k Gold Jewellery

24k gold jewellery is pure gold as distinct to 22,18,14 and less karat gold jewellery.

There are some important factors to consider when wearing 24 karat jewellery as well as the lesser karats.

Here is a breakdown of the karats

24K gold is pure gold.

18K gold contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts of one or more additional metals, making it 75 percent gold.

14K gold contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts of one or more additional metals, making it 58.3% gold.

12K gold contains 12 parts gold and 12 parts of one or more additional metals, making it 50 percent gold.

10K gold contains 10 parts gold and 14 parts of one or more additional metals, making it 41.7 percent gold. 10K gold is the minimum karat that can be called "gold" in the United States.

Where additional metals are used this is usually nickel, copper, zinc and sometimes silver or palladium. It is important to know this as some people seem to develop allergies to 'gold jewellery'. It is not the gold to which they have the allergy but one of the metals to which it is alloyed. usually nickel.

The advantage therefore of using 24Karat gold in your jewellery is that one does not develop allergies to it.

The disadvantage of course is that gold is a soft metal and wears away easily. Hence the addition of harder metals to give it some durability as well as the obvious cost savings.

So you have to weight up the pros and cons when it comes to what karat jewellery do you want. If you have no allergies to other metals then lesser karat will suffice, will give you a longer lasting jewellery piece and of course be a lot cheaper as well.

In this case probably 18 karat would be ideal. 14 and the lower Karats do not have much gold at all and their resale value is correspondingly less.

Keep this in mind when you are buying 24k gold jewellery and you are likely to get the jewellery you want at the price you want!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Fathers Day Gold Jewellery

What could you get for Fathers Day gold jewellery? Perhaps a gold signet ring? Or even a gold key ring, some cuff links, tie pin, a pendant, or even a bracelet. All can make a great gift for Fathers Day.

It is a very good idea to know before you go, so understanding what sort of gold is available and the sort of gold jewellery is important. Your budget will be the first factor followed by what sort of jewellery does your father like? Also what size, especially with rings and bracelets, is important.

Whatever you buy it is wise to look at the quality of gold of the jewellery and what type of gemstones are used.

18 karat gold is most likely to be the best. 22 and 24 karat gold tends to be too soft for jewellery, especially for a man, and 18 or 14 karat is better for jewellery worn a lot. 10 and 9 karat jewellery is mostly other metal and gold plated is going to wear off after a while so really should be avoided.

It is worth while browsing the various jewelers and looking to select something your father would really appreciate. Ensure that the specifications of the piece are clearly show. The karat of the gold, type of gold, yellow, white etc. Also if there is a gemstone in the piece, check the setting. Is it a good fit? Is the stone lose in the setting?

If there is a gemstone, what sort of stone is it? Diamond? Emerald? Ruby? What are the quality and characteristics of the stone. Does it come with a certificate of appraisal to show that it is a) genuine, and b) of good quality?

All these are important points to keep in mind.

It can be fun getting Fathers Day gold jewellery and, with some careful thought and patience, it can be a gift that will last a lifetime.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gold Allergies

Some people think they have a gold allergy. There is no documented case of any gold allergies with pure gold so it is likely, if anyone has an apparent gold allergy, that it is not the gold but one or more of the other metals alloyed or 'mixed' with the gold that is causing the problem.

Any gold under 24 karat has been alloyed with other metals. 14 karat gold, for example, is about 55 percent gold and 45 percent other metals.

The most common metal in alloyed gold would be silver, platinum, palladium, copper and zinc. These metals help the gold to be more durable as gold in its pure form is very soft and malleable.

Where a person complains of a reaction to wearing gold jewelery it is likely one of the other metals to which the person may have an allergy. This can be established as by having the person change to a higher karat value of gold which contains less other metal and, to which the remaining other metals are more tightly bound to the gold, noticing the allergy disappear or reduce.

Nickel is commonly used in white gold and some people have a reaction to nickel also. Nickel is used in white gold as it assists to give that 'white' effect so prized in white gold.

As well as nickel and other metals, there are other often overlooked reasons for a reaction to gold. Many people wash their gold or gold jewelery in detergent and soaps. If these are not thoroughly rinsed out well afterwards they can lodge in crevasses between the gold and the skin and even cause a reaction on the skin as well. Perhaps this is why 'cheap gold' such as the 9 karat, is so deplored. There is little gold and mostly other cheaper metal used in 9 karat gold and more chance of an allergic reaction.

Allergies are more likely cause by such things as not cleaning the jewelery adequately enough,. Getting oils and anti-perspirants on the ring and with the amount of chemicals contained within some of these preparations it is not surprising that reactions can occur.

One can reduce the likelihood of reactions by ensuring that one wears good quality gold and gold jewelery and maintains it well washing it regularly and keeping it in a clean sparkling condition. This will go a long way to reducing 'gold allergies'.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Gold Cubic Zirconia Ring

For those on a strict budget a gold cubic zirconia ring can be ideal. The cubic zirconia looks like a diamond, feels like a diamond and cost a lot less.

According to Price of Diamonds:

"Cubic zirconia was discovered by Two German scientists in 1937. However it was not until; the 1970's when the potential for cubic zirconia became apparent when a Russian scientist discovered process to create it in a laboratory."

"From then Swarovski & Co. started to make cubic zirconia in large quantities for the diamond market."

A cubic zirconia is made is a made up of zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide and, through a complicated process of melting together the two chemicals, a radiant crystal is created. 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit are required to melt the two chemicals together but the most important part of the process is the cooling. In order to create flawless crystals the cooling process must be done correctly otherwise cracks and inclusions result.

A gold cubic zirconia ring does have a little less sparkle than the real thing but has more color and fire. It weights in at about 75% more than a diamond but this is hardly noticeable until one actually weighs the stone.

In fact, most people are unable to tell the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia but one way is to look at the cubic zirconia under a magnification of around 10x. You can see the facets do not point properly and where facets intersect, it is not a straight line, but the intersection is more rounded than the diamond's facets. Other ways to tell the difference are doing a specific gravity test on an un-mounted stone, marking ink on the top of the stone (the ink beads up on a cubic zirconia), when gem-printed a cubic zirconia photograph's reflective and refractive patterns, and when measuring heat conductivity, a cubic zirconia registers red on the indicator (a diamond is green).”

The gold cubic zirconia ring is an ideal substitute for a diamond for those that are in a limited budget but still like to see the flash and sparkle of an apparent diamond and can still give great pleasure for many years.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gold Coin Jewellery

Gold coin jewellery is very popular with some people and one can get a great variety of gold coin jewellery to suit most tastes.

As well as purchasing gold coin jewellery one can also make ones own using real gold coins of course. One would not use Proof gold coins or collectors gold coins as, by using them as jewellery where they get handled and possibly some rough treatment, one would be reducing the value of the coins.

A lot will depend on the reason for having gold coin jewelery but if it is to wear then you would simply get a used gold coin and have that set in a bezel and mounted as a pendant perhaps, or set in a gold ring.

Often you will find gold coins can even be set in watches but here it is virtually impossible to see if they coin is real gold since you have no access to it so it is probably not wise to assume that the coin within the watch is all it seems to be or is promoted to be.

With gold coin jewelery it is probably easier to seek out and browse the many gold coin jewellery items available and find that which suits your taste best.

Having a coin mounted is going to cost a lot more and it is better to keep your gold coins in the container in which they came uncontaminated by the environment.

So then, browsing the various gold coin jewellery set you can select a piece that fits in with your budget as well as your taste. Maintaining the jewellery piece is important and, in this case, it might be better to take your gold coin jewellery to a professional jeweller who can clean it for you periodically.

When purchasing try to get a certificate that states the type and value of the gold coin and the gold content. If it is then later found to have less gold in it, such as the coin being 14 karat gold instead of the stated 24 karat, you will have a written statement to fall back on.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

White Gold Belly Ring

A white gold belly ring can make a midriff look very sexy. White gold is gold that has been alloyed or mixed with other metals such as platinum, palladium and silver to create that white gold effect. Often it is also coated in rhodium to make it look really white. It is different to platinum which is a harder different precious and more expensive metal altogether.

A white gold belly ring can feature a diamond also and in that case a proper certificate of authenticity should be obtained for the diamond to establish if it is genuine or not and what grade of diamond it is.

There is a great variety of white gold belly rings available and you can choose something that suits your body well as well as your taste in jewellery.

You can browse online a great many sites that have a diverse range of white gold belly rings to give you an idea of what is available and what might suit you best.

It is important that it is properly inserted into the belly and you should seek a professional person to do so. There can be several months of getting used to it in place and it is vital to keep it and the hole properly maintained. There must be plenty of freedom and letting air circulate around the piece is also important.

Washing in warm soapy water and rinsing really well will help to keep it clean of contaminants such as body sweat, grime, creams and other chemicals that find their way onto the skin. Also keeping it dry and properly stored when not in use is important.

If you spend some time finding the right white gold belly ring and then have it professionally inserted, keep it well maintained, there is no reason why your white gold belly ring should not give you and probably others, many years of pleasure!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rose Gold Watch

Of the myriad variety of watches perhaps the rose gold watch is one of the most exquisite.

Rose gold watches are available in a large variety of types and sizes and some are gold and some are not.

You can get real rose gold, rose gold plated, just pink and not gold so you do need to be careful and ensure you establish exactly what it is you are getting when you buy a rose gold watch.

Many rose gold watches are simply gold plated. This means the gold content is very small and the plating can be extremely thin and, after a while, will wear away and look very unsightly.

Find out how much gold is in the watch? Find out the karat. It should really be 14 karat or more ideally. 22 or 24 karat, or pure gold is very rare and would be too much as gold is a soft malleable metal and can easily be distorted and broken. By mixing it with other metals such as platinum, palladium, silver and other metals, it is made more durable and long lasting.

Of course rose gold watches are liked by men as well as women. In fact the very ornate ones are popular as bling bling in the hip hop culture. You can get rose gold watches encrusted with diamonds and heavy gold.

For those on a sever budget the diamonds are fake of course and the gold is more than likely thinly plated but they look flashy and certainly make a statement!

Solid rose gold watches with real diamonds set in are for the wealthy. If money is no object one can get a fantastic and very tasteful rose gold watch for a few thousand dollars.

As in buying any jewellery, always ensure you are getting what you pay for,. Certificates to authenticate the watch, diamonds and gold are the order of the day. If the watch is extremely expensive and independent appraisal should be done for insurance and possible later resale purposes.

If you like rose gold watches you are sure, after some window shopping, to find the rose gold watch that suits you and from which you can get a great deal of pleasure.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pearl Gold Bracelet

A pearl gold bracelet can look really beautiful if it is done right. Getting the right pearl is important and ensuring it fits in well with the gold bracelet.

A good quality bracelet is important, 14 or `18 karat gold is good because it is not too soft and is sturdy enough o be worn every day if required. 14 Karat gold would be about 55 percent gold and the balance silver, palladium or some other harder metal to give durability. 18 Karat gold would have about 85 percent gold and the rest metal. 22 and 24 karat gold would probably be too soft to wear so much and such bracelets should really be reserved for special occasions when they are not worn very often.

Pearls come in a diverse range of types and sizes and qualities. From the romantic black pearls of the south seas to the shiny lustrous freshwater pearls and famous akoya pearls from the orient.

Much information on pearls and choosing them can be found at All About Pearls where information on the various types can be found.

Do ensure that if you are looking for a pearl gold bracelet that you do lots of window shopping and checking around at what is available. Ask lots of question and really get to know what is available. There is nothing like due diligence when it comes to buying something that can be quite expensive.

Maintaining a pearl gold bracelet is important, especially if you are wearing it a lot. The gold and other metals and even the pearl can be subject to an amazing range of oils, creams, perfumes and body fluids, many of which can react adversely to the bracelet. It pays to keep it in good condition. A wash in warm soapy water and well rinsed to get off any grime and then well dried will help to keep it in good condition.

Keeping in mind the above will help to ensure that you have a pearl gold bracelet that lasts for a lifetime and gives you great pleasure!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sell Gold Jewellery

Sometimes the time comes to sell gold jewellery. Either through misfortune or just because one has lost interest in a piece.

This is where some people are in for a shock. Generally jewellery does not sell well second hand. One does not get the same value from diamonds or gems, for example, as one originally paid for them. Indeed, unless one has got a proper certificate of appraisal from an independent laboratory then one might even find the diamond one purchased is not up to scratch so to speak.

The gold in the gold jewellery may hold its price, especially as gold has risen so well of late. But unless it is 18 karat or more, there will be little gold in a ring or pendant to make it worth while selling.

Solid gold rings will fair well of course but you do need to know the karat quality of the ring. 14 karat is about 55 percent gold and the rest other metals added for hardness. Less than 14 karat will be much less than half gold content. A 22 or 24 karat gold ring will fair much better and you will likely get close to the current value of gold at the time you sell it.

Where to sell?

Firstly it is a good idea to get the piece properly valued. Find out exactly what it IS worth. Before you start looking around to sell it.

A jeweller will not give you the best price. After all he wants to sell it, not wear it! So he will want to make at least 30 percent if he sells it or trades it in to another jeweller.

A private sale would likely net you the best price, provided you know the value and what to ask.

An auction is also a good way to sell jewellery. You take a chance that the jewellery may not be popular and the bids may be low. If you think that may happen then you can set a reserve price to ensure you get what you believe you should get for it.

Of course if no one agrees with you then the reserve price may not be met and no sale occurs but you are still up for the cost of the auction.

All these factors need to be weighed in and considered. Even the thought, “Is it worth selling?”.

If you want to sell gold jewellery you will need to do some due diligence and consider the factors above and then you will have a good chance of getting the price you want.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold plated jewellery is commonly available and even popular with many people. Mostly the best one can say about gold plated jewellery is that it is cheap.

It is not as good as solid gold, even the 10 karat gold jewellery as. To start with it is usually a base metal, such as nickel or steel, and the gold plating, regardless of the thickness, will eventually wear away.

Gold plating can be thick or thin, usually thin and it is never 22 or 24 karat but usually 10 ot 14 karat gold. This is actually better as is a bit harder and longer lasting. 10 or 14 karat gold has been mixed with other alloys such as silver, nickel and zinc for example and so is more durable than pure gold which is quite soft and malleable.

But the amount of gold in gold plated jewellery is going to be extremely small and certainly not worth the price one pays for it. It also has virtually no resale value regardless of how much the value of gold increases.

If, for any reason, you find it necessary to buy gold plated jewellery make sure that the gold is an appreciable thickness. It is no good if it becomes worn off after a week or so with use. Also you need at least 14 karat gold and not less otherwise it will hardly even look like gold.

18 and 22 karat gold is ok but it is very unlikely you will ever find that degree of gold in a gold plated jewellery article.

The care and maintenance would be the same as for any gold piece. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse well ensuring that all the soap is fully removed. Then dry fully so no water remains to rust the metal alloys.

However, gold plated jewellery has it's place and can be quite useful, perhaps to replace a more valuable piece for example, so is not entirely bad and it does enable those who are not fortunate enough to be able to own pure gold a substitute.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fine Gold Jewellery

Fine gold jewellery is or would be fine gold plus other metals to which it is alloyed and any good quality gems as well being crafted quality jewellery.

It tends to be a matter of taste and essentially it is really a matter of quality.

Find gold is the term used to describe gold in it’s purest form, which is to say unalloyed with no additions. This would be 24 karat gold.

The unit of measurement that indicates the quantity of fine gold in a piece of jewelry is the karat. 24 Karat is considered pure gold or 99.99 percent gold. 18 karate gold, on the other hand, contains eighteen parts fine gold and six parts metal.

24 or even 22 karat gold is not really advised for gold jewellery however as gold is too soft and malleable and can wear away easily. The exception is a very fine piece that might only be worn on special or 'state' occassions.

14 and 18 karat gold is considered more suitable for jewellery. 14 karat has around 55 percent gold and 18 karat about 75 percent. The balanced is made up of silver, nickel zinc and other metals to increase the durability and hardness of the gold.

The important thing as far as jewellery is concerned is. Is the gold of good quality and suitable for that type of jewellery? What karat is it?

Is the gold jewellery well made? The clasp and claw settings properly made and not loose. One does not want the gems to shift around and even fall out. Or the clasp to break making it impossible to fit properly.

Such things make the difference between a shoddily made piece of jewellery and a quality piece.

Fine gold jewellery is very nice for a piece that is worn only occasionally or not very often as it will then last. It would not be suitable for every day use.

It should also be well cared for and professionally cleaned. Failing that a warm wash in soapy water, well rinsed and dried will help to keep the oils and contaminants off and the piece in pristine condition.

One should have fine gold jewellery and treasure it for many years to come and, with the above in mind, one can ensure that it lasts for many years.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

White Gold Charm Bracelet

A white gold charm bracelet can look very nice and make a real fashion statement as the right accessory.

White gold is gold that has been mixed or alloyed with other metals such as silver and platinum, for example, and apart from improving its hardness and durability also creates the white gold look that goes so well with other jewellery.

Often white gold is also coated with rhodium to increase its shininess and brilliance as white gold can look a bit dull.

The sort of white gold charm bracelet one would where would depend upon a number of factors.

Price. How much one can afford. This depends of course on ones budget and how much one is prepared to spend.

Size. Chunky or slim or somewhere in between. This might depend on the physical appearance of the wearer.

Style. Of course this is a personal thing and can depend on ones taste as well as how the bracelet looks with various clothes.

Having decided upon a white gold charm bracelet with all the various charms that one prefers, the next thing is to ensure that it is a genuine article. The jeweller should provide you with a certificate to state exactly what the bracelet is and you, for an expensive one, can get this verified at another jewellers This is important for insurance purposes as well as ease of mind.

Maintaining the bracelet is important. Keeping it clean and free from contaminants such as hand and body oils and creams as well as perfumes and strong cleaners. Washing gently in warm soapy water over a bowl is the ideal method and completely drying before wearing again or storing is important. The gold is fairly inert but the other metals mixed in can tarnish if not looked after.

Provided you keep the above in mind it is likely you will have a white gold charm bracelet that will give you pleasure for many years to come.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gold Belly Button Ring

A gold belly button ring can look very attractive on a person but there are a few important things to consider when venturing forth to have a gold belly button ring inserted.

Firstly one should ensure that the person doing the operation is a professional and has clean and sterile equipment and instruments. Do not use an amateur body piercer as the risk an improperly pierced skin and of subsequent infection can be high.

It is possible to cause scarring and nerve damage if it is incorrectly done. The belly button itself is not pieced, usually the skin just above it. If the piercing looks infected, painful and hot to the touch then seek medical assistance quickly.

Your belly button needs to have the skin for piercing in order to hold the ring flat against the body. An outtie, or belly button that protrudes, is not suitable for a gold belly button ring as the ring will stick out and look unattractive. Most people choose a vertical piercing that enters the top of the belly button inside and exits thorough the skin above

Once youhave had a body piercing, and this applies to any body piercing not just belly buttons, one should wash it gently twice a day and with a diluted salt solution and soap with antibacterial ingredients. It should be rinsed thoroughly and gently dried to remove all moisture.

The jewellery can be affected by body oils, perfumes, and other chemicals so it does need to be kept clean.

A gold belly button ring can take up to 1 to 2 years to completely heal depending on how it is treated.

Pregnancy can affect the gold belly button ring and you can leave it in up until the belly swells, around the 5th or 6th month usually. Then you will need to either remove it or change the size.

To remove the gold belly button ring it is recommended that you visit the shop where you had the original done and have them remove it and, if required, replace with a different one.

If your piercing is new you will most likely be wearing a captive bead ring. I suggest going back to the shop you got the piercing at and ask them to remove it and replace it with your new body jewelry. If your belly button piercing is healed then wash your hands, your navel and the new body jewelry that you will be inserting. Next unscrew the ball that is in your piercing and pull the barbell down and out, then insert your new body jewelry into your piercing from the inside of the belly button up and out and screw the ball on.

Keeping in mind the above points will help you enjoy your gold belly button ring for many years to come.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Gold Heart Pendant

Many people wear a gold heart pendant and it is a very popular way of wearing gold and perhaps having a keepsake enclosed inside.

Most gold heart pendants are 10 to 14 karat gold with the occasionally 18 karat gold. Because it is worn quite a bit it is not such a good idea to have one that is more pure such as 22 and 24 karat gold. Gold is a soft metal and easy to wear away with constant use and also be affected by the various oils, creams, soaps and perfumes put on the skin.

The 14, 18 and lesser karat gold is usually mixed or alloyed with silver, nickel and other metals to increase their durability and help the piece to last longer. This make it ideal for jewellery which is being worn very frequently or for long periods of time.

It needs to be well looked after however and cleaned on a regular basis. Warm soapy water rinsed well and completely dried periodically will help to keep your gold heart pendant in good condition.

There is a big variety of gold heart pendant s to be worn so it is a matter of taste and what sort of fashion statement you want to make in selecting a gold heart pendant that suits you.

Some people prefer a very small gold heart pendant but others will go for a really big one or perhaps something in between. Even with a simple thing like this it is a good idea to take some time to select carefully so that you pick the best one and also for the best price.

Sometimes, if you scout around, you can find something that suits you for less than you expect.

Putting some effort into locating t\just the right gold heart pendant will ensure you get great satisfaction from it for years to come.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gold Coin Ring

Some people like a gold coin ring. There are various types of gold coin ring available with different coins. Obviously the coins contained with the ring would need to be fairly small. The silver dollar would be too large of course.

Such rings would include a one twenty fifth of an ounce gold coin or a British sixpence or small silver coin for example.

Gold coin rings have been around for many years and there is some thought that they originated as signet rings or even originally as seal rings.

A seal ring is a ring with a crest engraved on it in reverse and which is used to impress wax on sealing an envelope or letter. It was used to signify that the letter came from the individual, usually of royalty or of a family house,.

Gold coin rings today are worn as decoration more than anything else and the original meaning has really become redundant.

The important things today about gold coin rings is to ensure that the coin is genuine and the ring is as described in terms of it’s gold content and value.

Also that the ring is properly looked after to ensure it lasts well.

It is a good idea to ensure the ring is at least 14 karat gold. That means the ring would be about 55 percent gold and the rest silver, nickel and perhaps platinum or bronze. This increases the hardness and therefore durability of the ring. A lower karat level would mean less gold and therefore less value. A higher karat level means that the ring is going to be softer and more malleable and easy to scratch.

The coin should also be verified as genuine and a certificate even should be obtained.

Maintaining the ring is best done by not wearing it constantly as it would then be subject to the various chemicals associated with the hands in their daily activities. The gold itself may be fairly inert but many of the other metals such as silver, nickel etc, are not and can be corroded by various chemicals, such as detergents, bleaches, sweat, perfumes, hand creams and others. Washing in warm soapy water, rinsing well and drying completely is the best method if keeping the ring clean and in good condition. Storing separately from other jewellery, especially gems, will protect them from scratches and nicks.

If the above is kept in mind them your gold coin ring will most likely last and give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Gold Nugget Ring

A gold nugget ring is simply a gold ring that has either a nugget set in or on it or a nugget contained within a container set in or on the ring.

Although the ring may be of a lesser karat, such as 14 or 18 karat, the nugget, to be considered genuine, should be 24 karat or very close to.

There is no such thing as real pure 100 percent gold. There are always impurities so the term 99.99 percent pure is used. 24karat gold is considered 99.99 percent pure gold.

Mostly the nuggets are soldered to the ring so you do need to ensure that they are soldered correctly and not likely to come away at some later stage.

It is important that gold nugget rings are treated with care also so the solder domes not corrode or decay. This can happen if say, for example, bleach is used to clean the ring. The bleach can oxidize many metals including that which is use to solder or weld two metals together. In addition if the ring itself is only 14 or 18 carat, this means there are other metals mixed in with the gold and these can be affected by the bleach also.

A gold nugget ring should be gently cleaned over a big bowl with warm soapy water, rinsed really well to remove any soapy residue and completely dried with a gentle blower to remove all moisture.

Some of the gold nugget rings can look really fantastic and can also be quite expensive. It pays to be patient and shop around to find the ring that really appeals to you and is within your budget. Some rings might have more than one nugget contained therein and these can be really tiny. Look at what the weight of the gold is.

Ensure you find out what the karat of the ring is also so you can find out what gold is contained. A 14 karat ring is usually just over fifty percent gold with some silver, nickel and other metals to increase durability so the ring will tend to last well.

The gold nuggets, being pure gold are softer and more malleable so ensure you maintain your gold nugget ring well to keep it in good condition and it will last you for many years.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Antique Gold Jewellery

Usually one finds genuine antique gold jewellery at auctions or from deceased estates. There are dealers on the net however who offer ‘antique gold jewellery’ but it is difficult to be able to say of these offerings are genuine or now.

Particularly as the origins are not given but probably more the fact that almost any jewellery can be fabricated. If omega watches can be ‘created’ then almost certainly antique gold jewellery can be too.

So when it comes to buying antique gold jewellery it can be a matter of what you actually want and how much you want to pay for it.

First of course you would decide upon what you want, Genuine or something that looks genuine. The you would establish your budget. Then you would look for something that fits within your budget. It is a good idea to seek at the top end of your budget so you get the best possible piece you can afford.

Spend some time looking around, becoming familiar with antique gold jewellery and what is available. Perhaps go to a few auctions either in person or online to establish what is available, how well it sells and what prices are being paid.

There is nothing quite like gaining a good familiarity with the area you are going to buy in to help get the best piece for the best price.

Having gotten something you are satisfied with you might like to consider insurance. This will depend largely on the value of the piece. Old gold is usually 22 or 24 carat and may contain some valuable gems and diamonds as well as have a possible antique value so should be appraised by an independent valuer for insurance purposes. Especially if it contains diamonds which may be worth quite a bit.

You will want to keep the piece in good condition of course so a professional clean may be the order of the day. You can keep your jewellery in good condition by washing it in warm soapy water, rinsing and drying it well and storing it in separate containers so it does not get scratched or scratch other jewellery pieces.

Keeping in mind the above points will help to ensure you get an antique gold jewellery piece that you will be satisfied with and which will last for many years more.

Monday, June 05, 2006

14kt gold jewellery

14kt gold jewellery is probably the most common form of gold jewellery. It is not too expensive, it is more durable than pure gold yet it can be worked into many shapes and styles.

14k gold jewellery is about 54 percent gold and the rest is made up of silver, nickel, perhaps platinum and some other metals. These are designed to make the gold more durable and hardwearing as pure gold is very malleable and easy to warp and break.

14k gold jewellery can be easily fashioned, however, into many shapes and styles and most of the 14k gold jewellery today is made by machine. Rarely is a piece made by hand and when it is it becomes that much more expensive.

Still, it is important that your 14k gold jewellery be looked after well and kept in good condition if you want to last.

Never, for example, clean it in bleach. The other metals can be oxidized and turn the piece black. Warm soapy water well rinsed and dried afterwards is the best way to keep your piece clean.

Stored in a separate contained so diamonds and other gems do not scratch the surface is also a prudent idea.

The piece you pick should be from the top end of your budget to ensure you get the best possible for your money. Discounted jewellery is usually not so good quality and really should be avoided.

Always ensure that what is advertised is the product you are buying. Such phrases as “up to” and “like” indicate that the piece may not be what you thought it was.

Keep the above points in mind and you will get and enjoy your 14kt gold jewellery!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sapphire White Gold Ring

A sapphire white gold ring can be quite enchanting and is more affordable than a diamond.

Sapphire gems belong to the corundum family and many people think of sapphires as being blue. In fact sapphires can come in a variety of colors including pink, yellow, green, purple and orange.

Red sapphire is more commonly known as Ruby sapphire but is a sapphire never the less.

A sapphire is prefixed by it’s color so you can tell which sapphire is being talked about.

Sapphires mainly come from Burma (Myanmar), Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and some from Australia, East Africa and even the US. It is the next hardest material after diamond with a Moh hardness of 9 (diamond is 10).

Most sapphires on the market today are heat or irradiation to improve the color. Unfortunately this only improves the color for a while which then fades again later down the track.

When buying a sapphire white gold ring one should be aware of the above. For example sapphires, being a hard material, can easily scratch other jewellery so sapphire white gold rings should be stored separate from other gold and silver jewellery so they do not scratch them.

Also make sure you are buying a genuine sapphire by getting the stone independently appraised so you know the characteristics and quality of the store and therefore it’s true value. This is also useful for insurance purposes.

Maintaining a sapphire white gold ring is important. It should be cleaned only with warm soapy water, rinsed well to remove any surplus soap and dried completely to remove any residual water. Then stored when not in use.

A sapphire white gold ring can look absolutely wonderful and can make an excellent fashion statement in the right circumstances provided it is chosen well and fits the rest of the fashion being worn.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Man White Gold Bracelet

A man white gold bracelet can be either very slim or very chunky. The type depends very much on the build of the person and the preferred style.

White gold is gold that has been mixed or alloyed with other metals such as platinum and silver to create the white gold effect. It is often coated in rhodium also to protect it and give it some more durability.

However it is still important to ensure it is looked after well.

A white gold bracelet should not be worn for long periods of time, lose jewellery can catch on external objects and be damaged. Especially clasps and settings for stones.

When not in use it should be stored individually and not jumbled up together as it is still subject to damage and being scratched. Especially if there are diamonds or other gems in the bracelet

A white gold bracelet should be cleaned in warm soapy water and rinsed well to clear away any soapy residue clinging in the clasps or stone settings. The it should be thoroughly dried to remove any water as, being alloyed with other metals, can tarnish and even oxidize.

There is an endless variety of men’s white gold bracelets. It is important to ensure that you get the genuine article and what is described in the promotion or advertising or on display.

The style and design you pick for a man white gold bracelet is very subjective and will depend on your taste and budget but provided you keep in mind the points above you are sure to have and own a very satisfactory man white gold bracelet

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hip Hop Gold Jewellery

Hip hop gold jewellery is available from many sites online. Probably one of the most notable is which has a varied collection of gold and silver hip hop jewellery available.

Hip hop fashion is, according to KRS One, "one of the nine 'extended' elements of hip hop culture. It refers to a distinctive style of dress originating simultaneously with both the African-American and Latino youth living in the two main coastal cities of the United States. New York City on the East Coast and Los Angeles on the West Coast each contributed various elements to its overall style seen worldwide today."

Hip hop fashion goes hand-in-hand with the expressions and attitudes of hip hop culture in general.

The jewellery is available in the usual types; rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, chains and so forth. Also gold and silver plates for teeth are available and when worn can be very striking.

Hip Hop gold jewellery essential is about making a statement about one’s lifestyle or culture and the use of gold in this way can be very emphatic.

As with any jewellery it is important to ensure that when you buy something it is the genuine article and not plated or some shoddy substitute. This is especially true with hip hop jewellery where it is important to be seen with the right jewellery.

Make sure you know the value of the jewellery. No reason to splash out on something that is not right or does not look bling bling.

The jewellery should be kept clean and sparkling. It should reflect your style.

If you are buying hip hop gold jewellery, keep in mind the above and you will go a long way to showing your style.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Black Hills Gold Watch

Black Hills gold jewelry is thought to have been originally created by Henri LeBeauld, a French goldsmith during the 1870s. It is said he dreamed about the characteristic leaves, grape clusters, vines and filigree designs now so well known throughout the world

Black Hills Jewelry should be manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota in order to be called Black Hills Gold Jewelry. And this would apply to a Black Hills gold watch also.

The Black Hills are a very small mountain range in western South Dakota extending into the State of Wyoming. It is considered sacred by many of the native Indians of the region and described, rather accurately as, “island of trees in a sea of grass." From a distance the hills appear black due to the heavy density of trees covering them.

A Black Hills gold watch should show the same style and design as any other Black Hills jewelry and would have some ornate design such as grape clusters or vine leave, perhaps even a filigree of some sort.

When buying a Black Hills gold watch one should make sure you establish that it is indeed manufactured in the region. It is illegal to state that a piece of jewelry, or anything for that matter, is made at the Black Hills and qualifies as such if it is not. Just as one can get fake Omega™ watches one can get fake or ‘pretend’ Black Hills gold watches.

A certificate of authenticity would probably be one of the first things you would want to see.

A Black Hills gold watch is usually very striking and beautiful. It is a pleasure to own and use provided it is well looked after. Best of all a Black Hills gold watch need not be expensive!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

22k Indian Gold Jewellery

22k Indian gold jewellery is probably the most popular of Indian gold jewellery.

There are many types of this jewellery from various areas of India.

The trend in the South of India is towards the antique and old favorites in style. A typical example of such trends is the traditional Mullai Mottu Malai necklace, which has replicas of jasmine buds all around it.

Bengal is known for its craftsmanship of exquisite and intricate gold jewellery with the traditional East Indian filigree and abstract designs. The art of wirework like filigree, is over 500 years old and some truly beautiful designs can be found with the floral and leafy designs.

The traditional chains of coins flowing from the neck to the waist is still very popular and continues to be a symbol of status and wealth. The Bollywood movie, 'The Devdas’, is an excellent example of the ostentatious and resplendent jewellery of the region. Highly ornate with impeccable handcrafting techniques is the trademark of such jewellery.

The western Indian jewellery, by contrast, is unique in that it is more diverse than the other areas and more prone to 'mixing' styles. Western jewellery is very unique to the region. An example is Rajasthan jewellery which tends to be a mix of the traditional for the region with a Persian influence. Included also is the traditional bindi, worn in the center parting of the hair. Flower shape pins and hair combs are also a strong part of traditional jewellery in Rajasthan

The Gujarat, quite different again, is more known for the distinctive disc earrings that stretch the women’s ears almost to breaking point. The Gujarat jewellery is also known for being jewellery for almost every other part of the body.

The Maharashtrian jewellery is more obvious when you see it. The traditional ring in the nose and many people will be familiar with this style of Indian gold jewellery in movies.

22k Indian gold jewellery is very popular not only with the Indians but also with western cultures now keen to take up this fascinating type of jewellery.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Gold Pendant

The Perth Mint, Australia, will produce from the end of May 2006, a very nice Gold Pendant called the Oriana Gold Bar.

These come in 1 gram, 2.5 gram, 5 gram and 10 gram bars and each bar comes with an 18 carat gold frame enabling it to be worn as an inspirational jewellery piece.

These bars are 99.9 percent pure gold and depict the Oriana, the golden haired goddess who’s name is very often associated with Queen Elizabeth the first.

The other side of the bar bears the words 'Perth Mint' and 'Australia', as well as its weight and purity. The bar also depicts The Perth Mint's swan logo.

Each pendant comes presented in a delightful jewellery pouch with a draw-string.

The Perth Mint also sell an extensive range of gold chains, ideal for holding the pendants and an excellent range of gold bracelets to compliment the pendant.

You can find out more at Gold Pendant

The Oriana Gold Pendant is an ideal way to own some gold and the extensive range makes it easy for most people to own a gold bar within their budget.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gold Diamond Bracelet

A gold diamond bracelet can look absolutely wonderful and really enhance one's looks or the clothes one wears.

It is important however that some guidelines are kept in mind when purchasing and looking after gold diamond bracelets.

Firstly the diamonds in a gold diamond bracelet can range in price from a few hundred up to many thousands of dollars so the first thing is to establish your budget. How much do you want to spend on a gold diamond bracelet?

This will give you the range, type, quantity and quality of diamonds you will have in your bracelet.

Go for the best quality diamonds you can within your price range. The gold bracelet will not cost as much as the diamonds and you should go for a mid range gold bracelet such as 18 karat to 22 karat. Less and it is not worth so much and with the other metals can deteriorate. More and you will have a bracelet that can wear away more quickly as gold is a soft and malleable metal.

The diamonds should be in a claw or good setting not glued in. When cleaning a glued in diamond setting it is possible for the glue to deteriorate or react with cleaning fluids and the diamond come away and even get lost.

Ensure you get an independent certificate of appraisal for the diamond or diamonds. Do not take the word of the jeweller or dealer on the quality of the diamond.

When cleaning make sure you use only warm soapy water and not chemicals such as bleach. These can react with the metals the gold is mixed with and cause it to oxidize and turn it black. The bracelet should be thoroughly rinsed to get rid of any residue soap and then completely dried.

Diamonds can cut and scratch other jewellery so it is prudent to keep it stored separately from other jewellery.

Following the above guidelines there is no reason why your gold diamond bracelet should not last you a lifetime and give you great pleasure!

Monday, May 22, 2006

14k Gold Ring

A 14k gold ring is likely to be worn most of the time so it should be more durable and hard wearing than a 22k or 24k gold ring.

A 14k gold ring has 14 of 24 parts gold making it 58.3% gold with silver, nickel, copper and other metals added to make it long lasting.

When selecting a 14k gold ring it is important to ensure that the ring is well made and any setting that holds a stone is of good quality.

Cleaning a 14k gold ring is important. Using incorrect chemicals can cause the other metals contained in the ring to oxidize and turn the ring black.

Do not use any bleach to clean a ring. Warm soapy water is best and over a bowel, not the sink.
After washing ensure your ring is well rinsed afterwards to get any soapy residue out from the setting or any crevasses in the ring. Then you need to completely dry the ring so there is no water to oxidize or cause any rust from the other metals in the ring.

Storing the ring the correct way is important too. All jewellery should be stored in separate areas or compartments so they do not rub against each other and scratch each other. This is neccesary if you have diamonds or other gems as these can very easily scratch a gold ring and ruin it.

Pick a ring according to your budget, taste and the style you would like to display. Perhaps even select a ring as a fashion accessory or to make a fashion statement.

In any event, picking the right ring for you is important and ensuring it is well looked after will ensure your 14k gold ring will last a lifetime!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Geneva Gold Watch

The term Geneva or Geneve as relating to a watch is very much a generic term.

Geneva is a city in Switzerland and considered the home of fine watches. For centures the very best watches have been made here.

No one company can own the brand name Geneve. It is really only identified by the quality of craftsmanship and manufacture. A true Geneve watch is considered true by virtue of having the finest movement, diamonds and gold contained therein.

Virtually all watch movements are made by a Swiss company called ETA. This is regardless of the various features some movements have. The ETA web site Geneva gold watch gives fascinating information for those interested.

A good quality Geneva gold watch should contain a movement by ETA, a watchcase made with German technology and the actual case and band manufactured and assembled in Italy.

Geneve watches usually cost several thousand dollars to buy but with the increase in dealers online and increased competition, these prices are being gradually reduced.

There are a number of important points to keep in mind when buying a Geneva or Geneve gold watch.

As well as the genuine Geneve watch there are many cheap copies or versions around selling for a fraction of the price. In these copies it is likely the gold is plated and not full gold. Also the movement is probably not a ETA movement but something poorly made elsewhere. Of course if you want a pretend copy then you can pick and choose from a wide selection available. Such a watch would not have any investment potential but simply be purchased for the looks and affordability only.

If you are seeking a genuine Geneve watch with accuracy and all the trimmings such as diamond inserts etc then you will need to ensure that you are buying from a dealer or jeweller who is genuine and will sell you what you want.

Unless you are experienced in purchasing gold watches it is a really good idea to avoid auctions. The exception is actually going physically to a deceased estate auction where sometimes there is jewellery for sale including antique or old watches. These watches are almost sure to be genuine and have, at least, an antique value over and above the value of the gold in the watch.

The first thing however, when picking a Geneve Watch is to ensure you select a jewellery house that sells the genuine article. Then you can select from the range offered. The cost of a genuine Geneve gold watch is likely to be in the thousands.

Having selected the watch you like, you need to ensure that it comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and the value stated on that certificate for insurance purposes.

A good quality Geneva gold watch would be a great watch to have and will hold its value provided it is looked after and cared for.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lady Gold Watch

A lady's gold watch is usually smaller than a man’s gold watch. Which seems to be more a hang over from the Victorian days when ladies were considered more ‘delicate’.

Functionally there is no reason why a lady cannot have a watch just as big or ‘chunky’ as the next guy.

It is really a matter of taste and style. A ladies gold watch might tend to be more stylish and decorative than a man's but the essential ingredients to the watch remain the same.

Probably the first point when buying a ladies watch is, what sort of budget do you have in mind? When that is established then you can browse the types of watches available within that budget range. It is a good idea to look in the top of your budget range and to keep away from ‘discount’ watches. They are usually not, in fact, discount but expensive for what they are, reduced in price to what they should be. So you may not be getting the value you think you are.

Pick a good quality Ladies gold watch dealer. Good due diligence, or study will help here and it will make all the difference in getting a good watch for your money.

A watch that is 18k would be a good choice. 22 or 24 karat and the gold will be too soft for everyday use and will wear away quickly. The same with gold plated watches. After some years the gold will wear thin and you will see the metal underneath.

A 14k or less gold watch will most likely not look as good and, although cheaper and will last longer , will not be worth as much.

Your choice would need to be based on what you want from a watch. Some watches are everyday watches and bought more for functionality than looks. Others make a fashion statement and are worn as an accessory and only occasionally. You would need to decide, when purchasing a ladies gold watch, which applies most.

It is also a good idea to find a watch repairer who can look after your watch, ensure it stays clean and the battery, if it uses one, is suitable and long lasting.

If you keep the above points in mind when buying a ladies gold watch you will be sure to have a watch you enjoy and will get great pleasure from.

18k Gold Jewellery

18k gold jewellery is possibly the best gold jewellery you can get.

Although 22 and 24 karat gold jewellery is more popular in Asian nations it tends to be too soft and malleable and is damaged easily, especially when worn extensively. 14k and lower of course does not have as much gold and therefore is worth less.

18k gold jewellery is about 75 percent gold with the balance of other metals such as silver, platinum, copper, nickel and other metals to improve the hardness and durability of the gold. It looks better than lower karat gold and has that great gold ‘look’ which is valued so much.

18k gold jewellery maintenance requires care as you are dealing with other metals that can tarnish and react with the various chemicals that 18k gold jewellery will come into contact with. Such chemicals as hair sprays, perfumes, body sweat and others can all affect the gold jewellery.

It pays therefore to keep a regular cleaning regimen to ensure that your jewellery is kept in the best condition. Washing in warm soapy water over a bowl and rinsing well will keep it sparkling clean. A thorough drying will ensure that the metals do not react with the water and turn black. Do not clean them in bleach as that can oxidize the metals and turn them black also.

Gold jewellery should be stored when not in use in separate compartments so they do not brush against each other. Scratches on gold by diamonds especially can ruin a treasured piece as well as reduce its value.

If you are deciding what gold jewellery to buy 18k gold jewellery is probably the happy medium for the reasons described above. It is also not too expensive and will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. 18k gold jewellery is the best choice for general use gold jewellery.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Italian Gold Jewellery

Italian goldsmiths are well known throughout the world for their unique Italian gold jewellery. Italian style is reflected in Italian gold jewellery.

Some of the best designs and styles that consistently win awards are Italian jewellery designs.

There are many sites that offer Italian gold jewellery so it pays to do some due diligence when seeking that special piece to compliment one's fashion and taste.

Italian Gold Jewellery comes in a variety of styles and types. Brooches, necklaces, rings and pendants are but a few. There are the famous Italian fashion houses which feature their own ranges of Italian Gold Jewellery.

Such fashion names as:
Giorgio Armani
Renato Balestra
Luisa Beccaria
Laura Biagiotti
Clara Centinaro
Enrico Coveri
Raffaella Curiel
Dolce & Gabbana
Salvatore Ferragamo
Gianfranco Ferré
Sorelle Fontana
Antonio Fusco
Nazzareno Gabrielli
Romeo Gigli
André Laug
Les Copains
Angelo Litrico
Max Mara
Emilio Pucci
Mila Schön
Luciano Soprani
Nanni Strada
Mario Valentino
Gianni Versace
Egon Von Furstenberg
To name but a few! and it is possible to look each up and maybe find something that suits your style. Not all will have gold jewellery as they are primarily clothes designers but some will. If you like a particular Italian style then it seems a good idea to select the jewellery to go with it.

When selecting a piece of Italian Gold Jewellery probably the first thing to take into consideration is your budget. Just how much do you want to spend? Then browse the fashion houses to see what you like. Italian Gold Jewellery is a good start to start.

You can do your due diligence here as there are many other articles on this site to help you select the Italian gold jewellery that helps you make the fashion statement you want.

India Gold Jewellery

India gold jewellery has been around for hundreds of years. Indian culture and tradition values and places a high importance on owning and having gold jewellery. Indian Gold jewellery is handed down through generations. It has been used for religious to social and purely aesthetic purposes. Jewellery styles differ from one area of India to another. For example fine silver filigree work can be found in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh but in Jaipur the art of enameling is more popular.

There is also jewellery for every part of the body. Jewellery and ornaments are created for Gods and animals as well as humans. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and other gold adornments each have their own significance.

Indian gold jewellery is also usually quite ornate and the designs are all more than plain.

The gold used tends to be more 22k and 24 karat gold and it is not often you will find anything less in karat, such as 18 or 14 karat. Indians value their gold very highly.

With Indian gold it is very important that one takes great care as, being either pure or almost pure gold it is very soft and malleable and can be easily damaged or scratched.

Goldsmiths in India have an artistry, skill and precision unmatched by many other nations. This skill has won them accolades from the various parts of the world.
In small towns and cities of India, the goldsmith performs all the processes from A to Z involved in producing a finished piece. In cities, however the task is more specialized.

India jewelry is exported around the world and is available from many gold dealers.

If you are fortunate enough to get Indian gold jewellery with its 22k and above gold content, you will probably be very pleased with the jewellery and will enjoy it for many years to come.

Friday, May 12, 2006

White Gold Pendant

A white gold pendant is made of gold that has been alloyed or mixed with other metals such as silver and platinum. The quantity of gold will be reflected in the karat range. 14k white gold will be just over 50 percent gold and 18 karat around 75 percent. Often the white gold is covered with rhodium to help protecting and increase it’s durability.

White gold therefore tends to be harder and more durable than yellow gold. You are unlikely to get white gold above 18 karat as then it would not have a sufficient percentage of other metals to give it that white look.

When choosing a white gold pendant it is important to pick the best possible piece in your budget range. Selecting the cheapest will not get the best buy and discounted jewellery is not always the best option in the long run.

Select for your taste and a style that which will suit you best. This might mean a pendant has a diamond or a pearl for example. Ensure you pick the best and have the gem or pearl, if you are having one, independently appraised to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Find out about diamonds and pearls or opals or whatever gem you are going to use. It is always a good idea to know what you are buying and don’t simply trust the jeweller to guide you.

Cleaning the pendant is important and warm soapy water followed by a good rinse is the best way to keep your white gold pendant in sparkling condition. Thoroughly dry the pendant and store away from other jewellery when not in use.

A white gold pendant can look pretty impressive under the right circumstances so keep in mind the above and you will have a treasure for life.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gold Toe Ring

The history of the gold toe ring goes back to ancient times and has been popular in India at wedding ceremonies for many years. There has even been a tribe in Africa who used toe rings as a symbol of marriage when worn on the big toe.

As well as the hippies in the 60’s gold toe rings are now popular and there are many varieties available.

A gold toe ring is different to an ordinary ring in that it is not closed. As in the picture to the left, gold toe rings are open so that they can be easily slipped on and off the toe.

Firstly one would pick the ring that best suits the size and shape of the toe. Also the size of your budget will determine if you have any gems set in the ring such as diamonds for example. If you do ensure that you get a proper independent appraisal of the gemstone. Also get a guarantee that the ring is genuine gold and what carat it is.

Gold toe rings require the same care and attention any other jewellery needs. This means regularly cleaning the rings, more so for toe rings as they will attract more dirt and foreign matter being so close to the ground. A good wash in warm soapy water in a bowl, not over the sink. There is nothing worse that losing a ring down the plug hole. Do not use bleach as it can corrode the metals which the gold is alloyed or mixed with and turn it black. Then, rinse well in running water to get all the soap out of any joins or crevasses. The ring should be thoroughly dried and stored when not in use.

Provided that you keep in mind the above guidelines you should enjoy your gold toe ring for many years to come.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

14 gold kt jewelry

14 gold kt jewelry is probably the most common of all jewellery. Containing just over 50 percent gold, the other metals are usually silver, copper, bronze and zinc. It is durable enough to be worn for long periods without wearing away yet contains enough gold to look nice as a piece of jewelry.

The k, or karat, in gold jewelry refers to the amount of gold present within the piece. 24 kt would be pure gold and 22kt very close to. As the kt diminishes so does the gold content. 9kt is probably the lowest that still has any appreciable amount of gold in the piece.

14kt jewelry, being hardened with other metals, is probably the best gold to use for jewelry in the colder countries. In warmer countries one would get as close to 24 kt as possible as the body sweats a lot more and this affects the other metals that have been mixed or alloyed with the gold. They will react with the chemicals in the body's perspiration and this will turn the piece black over time. One of the reasons why people in hot countries prefer pure gold.

In colder countries however 18 and 14 kt gold jewelry are quite suitable.

Cleaning 14kt is quite easy. Warm soapy water and rinsed really well. Then thoroughly dried before putting the piece away. Gold jewelry should be stored separately from other pieces. It is easy to scratch, especially if there are gems or diamonds in the settings.

Choosing 14kt gold jewelry is an important step. 14k gold jewelry is not expensive so budget is usually not an issue. Selecting the right piece to wear either on a regular daily basis or for that special occasion requires care and thought. When at the jewelers always ensure you get to see the piece in natural light.

Keeping in mind the above will ensure you get a 14kt gold jewelry piece you like and will enjoy for years to come.

Monday, May 08, 2006

White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

A white gold diamond engagement ring can look absolutely marvelous on the finger of the one you love.

The ring, being white gold, tends to enhance and match the bridal gown also when it is worn.

A white gold diamond engagement ring should last a lifetime so care should be taken in choosing just the right ring and in looking after it over the coming years.

How much you spend of course depends on your budget. Two months salary is a good guideline for buying engagement rings. It is likely that the diamond will cost more than the ring, usually 90 percent of the total cost of the diamond ring. You need to select what you can afford in diamonds when costing the ring. Brushing up on diamonds and how to choose a diamond is important also.

White gold is a good choice for an engagement ring as it is much harder than yellow gold. It is usually alloyed or mixed with platinum, silver and other metals and sometimes even has a coating of rhodium also to improve its durability.

The diamond setting should be a claw setting and with an open bottom so a jewellery can see the bottom of the diamond. This makes it easier to value a diamond more accurately and provide a proper and professional appraisal.

Check the above with the jeweller when you are choosing an engagement ring.

Maintaining the ring is important also. Dirt can get wedged in the setting and under the diamond. The ring should be washed in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly. Do this over a bowl and not over the sink. Dry it thoroughly and when not in use store it separately from other jewellery so the diamond does not scratch other pieces.

Provided you keep in mind the above it is likely you will have a wonderful white gold diamond engagement ring that will give great pleasure.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Antique Gold Ring

An antique gold ring can be a very valuable piece of jewellery. Many antique gold rings are passed down in the family but sometimes end up in an estate sale and often then you can get a good bargain when the estate auction occurs.

It is important when buying an antique gold ring to establish the properties of the ring. The amount of gold, whether it is a 14 carat, 18carat, 22 or even 24 carat ring and the weight will give you a good idea of the value of the ring. Of course sometimes there can be a ‘antique’ value as well. Rarity and age can increase the value of a ring.

The condition of the ring is also important. Also how many stones or gems are in the ring. What sort of gems are they, their weight and clarity makes a difference to the overall value of the ring. The size of any stone and the type of setting can make a difference to the price.

It is important also to get an antique gold ring professionally appraised and valued not just for insurance purposes but also to establish a value for possible resale later down the track.

Cleaning antique gold rings should be done with care. Warm soapy water and well rinsed and dried will keep the ring in good condition. Clean your ring over a bowl and not over the sink. You don’t want it to slip through your fingers and fall down the plug hole!

Gold jewellery should be stored separately and not tossed together in the same jewellery box. Diamonds and other gems can scratch gold which is a soft metal, especially in the high carat range such as 22 and 24 carats. A scratch clearly seen on a antique gold ring will decrease the value and, perhaps more importantly, the look of the piece.

Keeping in mind the above there is no reason why a good quality antique gold ring will not give great satisfaction for many years.

Friday, May 05, 2006

14kt Gold Anklets

Of course 14kt gold anklets are not new. People have been wearing gold anklets for years. Unmarried Indian women particularly have been wearing gold anklets for hundreds of years.

The main purpose is to draw attention to the ankles and feet, which have often been considered areas of great beauty and appealing to males in many cultures.

Most gold anklets are worn on the right ankle. As well as gold, other substances including rubber, plastic and rope are sometimes worn.

Now it has become fashionable in some circles to wear gold anklets and so some attention should be given to this unique way of wearing gold jewellery.

Firstly of course one would look for and buy those gold pieces that enhance the ankles and feet best. This would depend very much on the shape and look of the feet. The gold anklet should also compliment the type of footwear being worn.

14k gold is ideal as it looks nice, is not too expensive and is relatively hard wearing. 22k and 24k gold anklets would be too soft and liable to wear away or get distorted if worn too much.

14k gold anklets should be cleaned regularly in soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and then put away to dry. They should be stored when not in use separately from other jewellery so they are not scratched or caught up in other jewellery.

When they are looked after, 14kt gold anklets can make a fine addition to one’s jewellery collection and make an interesting fashion statement as well as looking attractive.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

22k Gold Jewellery

22k gold jewellery can be considered an investment in gold as it contains 91.6% pure gold. 22k gold jewellery is more expensive than the usual 14k and 10k and not so hard wearing. However, it is much more beautiful and has a deeper gold hue close to pure gold.

Whereas 24 k is 999.9 percent pure gold, 22k is 916.6 fine and contains a small amount of silver or copper to assist in the hardness.

22k gold jewellery requires, therefore, a little more care if you are to keep it in the same condition in which you bought it. You could, for the purposes of care, regard 22k gold jewellery as 24 k gold jewellery. It will need the same amount of care and attention.

Firstly it not advisable to wear it constantly or for any great lengths of time. It would not be an ‘everyday’ piece. Perhaps for going out to dinner or some special occasion or function. Gold is a malleable and soft metal and subject to knocks, scraps, scratches and chemicals such as you find on and around the body. Hair sprays, perfumes, cleaning mixes, residues on clothes, soap, make up, skin ointments and sweat are just some of the chemicals that can have an effect on gold.

When you have finished wearing your 22k gold jewellery it is a good idea to clean the piece and store it safely.

Clean your gold jewellery with warm soapy water. A soft cloth or, if necessary, a very soft old toothbrush is useful for this. Wash it over a bowl, not the sink. You don’t want any of it ending up down the plug hole!

Do not use a chemical cleaner such as bleach. It will oxidize the metal and turn it black. You will find yourself trying to clean the effects the bleach creates. If it is a difficult piece take it to a trusted jeweller to clean.

Rinse it well with running water. Get every last bit of soap out, especially from any clasp, claw or hinge. If any soap is left it may cause a chemical reaction.

Sometimes clasps and hinges are made from another metal and can rust if left wet or suffer a chemical reaction to the water. Drying the piece after rinsing is very important. A gentle blow dryer is good as it will evaporate any water left and you will not need to rub and possibly scratch the gold.

Store your 22k gold jewellery separately so it does not get scratched by other pieces, particularly diamond settings.By following the above well, your 22k gold jewellery will retain it’s beauty for many years to come.

22k gold jewellery is a great investment in gold with the added enjoyment of being able to wear it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Discount Gold Jewellery

Discount gold jewellery sounds like a bargain but there are a few things to be aware of with this type of jewellery.

Firstly the gold content is much less than usual. This is generally advertised and it will be stated that it is 9 or 10 carat gold but this is a very small amount of gold mixed with other metals or ‘alloyed’, as it is called, and this is why it is so cheap.

Sometimes discount gold jewellery is really another metal that has been gold plated. You can even get gold plated mint coins.

The gold in plated gold is not always pure gold (except in gold coins) and the carat weight is often not stated so you can be sure it is very small. The plating may be very thin also and wear away easily.

Some discount gold jewellery looks very nice and it is possible to get some tasteful and attractive bargains if you are prepared to spend some time searching for that special piece.

It is important to make sure you know what you are getting. How is the piece described? Is there any information left out? What carat gold is it? How much does it weight?

Check out All about Gold Carats to find out how much gold is in different types of gold jewellery.

Compare the price to other similar gold jewellery which is not ‘discount' gold jewellery. You might be surprised to find which is the better quality.

Of course your choice can depend on a number of issues. Budget, taste, the need for a particular type of item and many other factors need to be taken into account. It may just suit your needs for a particular occasion.

Discount gold jewellery may sound attractive but be aware that you will always get what you pay for and also you will not get what you don’t pay for!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Animal Gold Jewellery

Animal gold jewellery is very popular and one can get gold jewellery for just about any animal or insect including dog, cat, horse, dinosaur, bee, ladybug, snail, fly, hippopotamus, dragonfly and even pigs as shown on the left.

Any of these animal gold jewellery pieces are a matter of taste of course and one does not have to be an animal lover to wear animal jewellery.

Sometimes such jewellery can be an excellent accessory or good to make a particular fashion statement. Animals are often used in gold charms for gold charm bracelets.

When you buy and use animal gold jewellery it is good to keep in mind the following points:
  • Always ensure you buy gold jewellery from a trustworthy dealer or jeweller. It is probably not a good idea to go for ‘discount’ jewellery as you are sure to get what you pay for.
  • Ensure you know what the gold carat is and that it is solid gold and not plate. Plated gold, in these price ranges, tends to be very thin and wears away easily.
  • Compare the actual piece with the description and check that it is genuine with the dealer or jeweller.
  • If possible wear the clothes you intend the animal gold jewellery to go with so you can see how they look together. There is nothing worse than getting a piece of jewellery, intended to be worn with a particular suit or dress, home and then find it does not really match.
Keeping your gold jewellery clean is a must. Jewellery worn most of the day accumulates impurities on the surface. Sprays, perfumes, body perspiration and other chemicals are often used on a daily basis. Many can be harmful to gold or the clasps and settings. A good clean in warm soapy water then well rinsed and dried is all you need. Never use bleach. It oxidizes the gold and turns it black.

Store your gold jewellery in separate containers. Gold mixed with gems such as diamonds is unwise as they will scratch your gold and that will not improve or enhance your gold piece.

Provided you keep the guidelines above in mind there is no reason why you should not have and enjoy a treasured animal gold jewellery piece for many years.

Dog Gold Jewellery

Dog gold jewellery is very popular among dog lovers but need not be relegated to those of the canine persuasion. Even people who are not particularly enamored of dogs can discover how interesting dog gold jewellery can be.

There is a vast variety of dog gold jewellery from rings to watches, bracelets to pendants and necklaces.

In fact the example picture above shows a typical cute dog necklace or pendant available for a modest sum. This particular one comes from Dog Gold Jewellery who have an excellent range of dog jewellery.

When selecting dog gold jewellery, as with any other gold jewellery, always ensure you know what you are buying. You want solid gold not plate gold. Gold plate generally does not last long as the gold used is usually of 9 carat gold and very thin, so wears away very fast.

You should look for pure gold, around 14 carat so that you get just over 50 percent gold but not too much that it wears away. Gold is a soft metal and for the sort of use you might put your gold dog to, it is better to have 10k, 14k or even 18 carat rather than the pure 24k or even 22 carat gold.

These are usually small pieces as well so care should be taken when cleaning them. Warm soapy water and rinsed really well over a bowl (not sink – you don’t want it to fall down the plug hole accidentally!) is the ticket. It is most important to ensure it is completely dry after cleaning.

You should store gold jewellery when not in use with other gold and not harder metals or gems such as diamonds. They can easily scratch your gold jewellery.

Keeping in mind the above, purchasing and caring for your dog gold jewellery will be easy. If you are a dog lover then collecting dog gold jewellery can be great fun and a great way to express your love of dogs.