Saturday, May 06, 2006

Antique Gold Ring

An antique gold ring can be a very valuable piece of jewellery. Many antique gold rings are passed down in the family but sometimes end up in an estate sale and often then you can get a good bargain when the estate auction occurs.

It is important when buying an antique gold ring to establish the properties of the ring. The amount of gold, whether it is a 14 carat, 18carat, 22 or even 24 carat ring and the weight will give you a good idea of the value of the ring. Of course sometimes there can be a ‘antique’ value as well. Rarity and age can increase the value of a ring.

The condition of the ring is also important. Also how many stones or gems are in the ring. What sort of gems are they, their weight and clarity makes a difference to the overall value of the ring. The size of any stone and the type of setting can make a difference to the price.

It is important also to get an antique gold ring professionally appraised and valued not just for insurance purposes but also to establish a value for possible resale later down the track.

Cleaning antique gold rings should be done with care. Warm soapy water and well rinsed and dried will keep the ring in good condition. Clean your ring over a bowl and not over the sink. You don’t want it to slip through your fingers and fall down the plug hole!

Gold jewellery should be stored separately and not tossed together in the same jewellery box. Diamonds and other gems can scratch gold which is a soft metal, especially in the high carat range such as 22 and 24 carats. A scratch clearly seen on a antique gold ring will decrease the value and, perhaps more importantly, the look of the piece.

Keeping in mind the above there is no reason why a good quality antique gold ring will not give great satisfaction for many years.

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