Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lady Gold Watch

A lady's gold watch is usually smaller than a man’s gold watch. Which seems to be more a hang over from the Victorian days when ladies were considered more ‘delicate’.

Functionally there is no reason why a lady cannot have a watch just as big or ‘chunky’ as the next guy.

It is really a matter of taste and style. A ladies gold watch might tend to be more stylish and decorative than a man's but the essential ingredients to the watch remain the same.

Probably the first point when buying a ladies watch is, what sort of budget do you have in mind? When that is established then you can browse the types of watches available within that budget range. It is a good idea to look in the top of your budget range and to keep away from ‘discount’ watches. They are usually not, in fact, discount but expensive for what they are, reduced in price to what they should be. So you may not be getting the value you think you are.

Pick a good quality Ladies gold watch dealer. Good due diligence, or study will help here and it will make all the difference in getting a good watch for your money.

A watch that is 18k would be a good choice. 22 or 24 karat and the gold will be too soft for everyday use and will wear away quickly. The same with gold plated watches. After some years the gold will wear thin and you will see the metal underneath.

A 14k or less gold watch will most likely not look as good and, although cheaper and will last longer , will not be worth as much.

Your choice would need to be based on what you want from a watch. Some watches are everyday watches and bought more for functionality than looks. Others make a fashion statement and are worn as an accessory and only occasionally. You would need to decide, when purchasing a ladies gold watch, which applies most.

It is also a good idea to find a watch repairer who can look after your watch, ensure it stays clean and the battery, if it uses one, is suitable and long lasting.

If you keep the above points in mind when buying a ladies gold watch you will be sure to have a watch you enjoy and will get great pleasure from.

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