Sunday, May 28, 2006

22k Indian Gold Jewellery

22k Indian gold jewellery is probably the most popular of Indian gold jewellery.

There are many types of this jewellery from various areas of India.

The trend in the South of India is towards the antique and old favorites in style. A typical example of such trends is the traditional Mullai Mottu Malai necklace, which has replicas of jasmine buds all around it.

Bengal is known for its craftsmanship of exquisite and intricate gold jewellery with the traditional East Indian filigree and abstract designs. The art of wirework like filigree, is over 500 years old and some truly beautiful designs can be found with the floral and leafy designs.

The traditional chains of coins flowing from the neck to the waist is still very popular and continues to be a symbol of status and wealth. The Bollywood movie, 'The Devdas’, is an excellent example of the ostentatious and resplendent jewellery of the region. Highly ornate with impeccable handcrafting techniques is the trademark of such jewellery.

The western Indian jewellery, by contrast, is unique in that it is more diverse than the other areas and more prone to 'mixing' styles. Western jewellery is very unique to the region. An example is Rajasthan jewellery which tends to be a mix of the traditional for the region with a Persian influence. Included also is the traditional bindi, worn in the center parting of the hair. Flower shape pins and hair combs are also a strong part of traditional jewellery in Rajasthan

The Gujarat, quite different again, is more known for the distinctive disc earrings that stretch the women’s ears almost to breaking point. The Gujarat jewellery is also known for being jewellery for almost every other part of the body.

The Maharashtrian jewellery is more obvious when you see it. The traditional ring in the nose and many people will be familiar with this style of Indian gold jewellery in movies.

22k Indian gold jewellery is very popular not only with the Indians but also with western cultures now keen to take up this fascinating type of jewellery.

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