Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dog Gold Jewellery

Dog gold jewellery is very popular among dog lovers but need not be relegated to those of the canine persuasion. Even people who are not particularly enamored of dogs can discover how interesting dog gold jewellery can be.

There is a vast variety of dog gold jewellery from rings to watches, bracelets to pendants and necklaces.

In fact the example picture above shows a typical cute dog necklace or pendant available for a modest sum. This particular one comes from Dog Gold Jewellery who have an excellent range of dog jewellery.

When selecting dog gold jewellery, as with any other gold jewellery, always ensure you know what you are buying. You want solid gold not plate gold. Gold plate generally does not last long as the gold used is usually of 9 carat gold and very thin, so wears away very fast.

You should look for pure gold, around 14 carat so that you get just over 50 percent gold but not too much that it wears away. Gold is a soft metal and for the sort of use you might put your gold dog to, it is better to have 10k, 14k or even 18 carat rather than the pure 24k or even 22 carat gold.

These are usually small pieces as well so care should be taken when cleaning them. Warm soapy water and rinsed really well over a bowl (not sink – you don’t want it to fall down the plug hole accidentally!) is the ticket. It is most important to ensure it is completely dry after cleaning.

You should store gold jewellery when not in use with other gold and not harder metals or gems such as diamonds. They can easily scratch your gold jewellery.

Keeping in mind the above, purchasing and caring for your dog gold jewellery will be easy. If you are a dog lover then collecting dog gold jewellery can be great fun and a great way to express your love of dogs.

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