Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gold Toe Ring

The history of the gold toe ring goes back to ancient times and has been popular in India at wedding ceremonies for many years. There has even been a tribe in Africa who used toe rings as a symbol of marriage when worn on the big toe.

As well as the hippies in the 60’s gold toe rings are now popular and there are many varieties available.

A gold toe ring is different to an ordinary ring in that it is not closed. As in the picture to the left, gold toe rings are open so that they can be easily slipped on and off the toe.

Firstly one would pick the ring that best suits the size and shape of the toe. Also the size of your budget will determine if you have any gems set in the ring such as diamonds for example. If you do ensure that you get a proper independent appraisal of the gemstone. Also get a guarantee that the ring is genuine gold and what carat it is.

Gold toe rings require the same care and attention any other jewellery needs. This means regularly cleaning the rings, more so for toe rings as they will attract more dirt and foreign matter being so close to the ground. A good wash in warm soapy water in a bowl, not over the sink. There is nothing worse that losing a ring down the plug hole. Do not use bleach as it can corrode the metals which the gold is alloyed or mixed with and turn it black. Then, rinse well in running water to get all the soap out of any joins or crevasses. The ring should be thoroughly dried and stored when not in use.

Provided that you keep in mind the above guidelines you should enjoy your gold toe ring for many years to come.

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