Monday, May 08, 2006

White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

A white gold diamond engagement ring can look absolutely marvelous on the finger of the one you love.

The ring, being white gold, tends to enhance and match the bridal gown also when it is worn.

A white gold diamond engagement ring should last a lifetime so care should be taken in choosing just the right ring and in looking after it over the coming years.

How much you spend of course depends on your budget. Two months salary is a good guideline for buying engagement rings. It is likely that the diamond will cost more than the ring, usually 90 percent of the total cost of the diamond ring. You need to select what you can afford in diamonds when costing the ring. Brushing up on diamonds and how to choose a diamond is important also.

White gold is a good choice for an engagement ring as it is much harder than yellow gold. It is usually alloyed or mixed with platinum, silver and other metals and sometimes even has a coating of rhodium also to improve its durability.

The diamond setting should be a claw setting and with an open bottom so a jewellery can see the bottom of the diamond. This makes it easier to value a diamond more accurately and provide a proper and professional appraisal.

Check the above with the jeweller when you are choosing an engagement ring.

Maintaining the ring is important also. Dirt can get wedged in the setting and under the diamond. The ring should be washed in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly. Do this over a bowl and not over the sink. Dry it thoroughly and when not in use store it separately from other jewellery so the diamond does not scratch other pieces.

Provided you keep in mind the above it is likely you will have a wonderful white gold diamond engagement ring that will give great pleasure.

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