Friday, May 05, 2006

14kt Gold Anklets

Of course 14kt gold anklets are not new. People have been wearing gold anklets for years. Unmarried Indian women particularly have been wearing gold anklets for hundreds of years.

The main purpose is to draw attention to the ankles and feet, which have often been considered areas of great beauty and appealing to males in many cultures.

Most gold anklets are worn on the right ankle. As well as gold, other substances including rubber, plastic and rope are sometimes worn.

Now it has become fashionable in some circles to wear gold anklets and so some attention should be given to this unique way of wearing gold jewellery.

Firstly of course one would look for and buy those gold pieces that enhance the ankles and feet best. This would depend very much on the shape and look of the feet. The gold anklet should also compliment the type of footwear being worn.

14k gold is ideal as it looks nice, is not too expensive and is relatively hard wearing. 22k and 24k gold anklets would be too soft and liable to wear away or get distorted if worn too much.

14k gold anklets should be cleaned regularly in soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and then put away to dry. They should be stored when not in use separately from other jewellery so they are not scratched or caught up in other jewellery.

When they are looked after, 14kt gold anklets can make a fine addition to one’s jewellery collection and make an interesting fashion statement as well as looking attractive.

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