Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Black Hills Gold Watch

Black Hills gold jewelry is thought to have been originally created by Henri LeBeauld, a French goldsmith during the 1870s. It is said he dreamed about the characteristic leaves, grape clusters, vines and filigree designs now so well known throughout the world

Black Hills Jewelry should be manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota in order to be called Black Hills Gold Jewelry. And this would apply to a Black Hills gold watch also.

The Black Hills are a very small mountain range in western South Dakota extending into the State of Wyoming. It is considered sacred by many of the native Indians of the region and described, rather accurately as, “island of trees in a sea of grass." From a distance the hills appear black due to the heavy density of trees covering them.

A Black Hills gold watch should show the same style and design as any other Black Hills jewelry and would have some ornate design such as grape clusters or vine leave, perhaps even a filigree of some sort.

When buying a Black Hills gold watch one should make sure you establish that it is indeed manufactured in the region. It is illegal to state that a piece of jewelry, or anything for that matter, is made at the Black Hills and qualifies as such if it is not. Just as one can get fake Omega™ watches one can get fake or ‘pretend’ Black Hills gold watches.

A certificate of authenticity would probably be one of the first things you would want to see.

A Black Hills gold watch is usually very striking and beautiful. It is a pleasure to own and use provided it is well looked after. Best of all a Black Hills gold watch need not be expensive!

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