Monday, May 22, 2006

14k Gold Ring

A 14k gold ring is likely to be worn most of the time so it should be more durable and hard wearing than a 22k or 24k gold ring.

A 14k gold ring has 14 of 24 parts gold making it 58.3% gold with silver, nickel, copper and other metals added to make it long lasting.

When selecting a 14k gold ring it is important to ensure that the ring is well made and any setting that holds a stone is of good quality.

Cleaning a 14k gold ring is important. Using incorrect chemicals can cause the other metals contained in the ring to oxidize and turn the ring black.

Do not use any bleach to clean a ring. Warm soapy water is best and over a bowel, not the sink.
After washing ensure your ring is well rinsed afterwards to get any soapy residue out from the setting or any crevasses in the ring. Then you need to completely dry the ring so there is no water to oxidize or cause any rust from the other metals in the ring.

Storing the ring the correct way is important too. All jewellery should be stored in separate areas or compartments so they do not rub against each other and scratch each other. This is neccesary if you have diamonds or other gems as these can very easily scratch a gold ring and ruin it.

Pick a ring according to your budget, taste and the style you would like to display. Perhaps even select a ring as a fashion accessory or to make a fashion statement.

In any event, picking the right ring for you is important and ensuring it is well looked after will ensure your 14k gold ring will last a lifetime!

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