Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gold Diamond Bracelet

A gold diamond bracelet can look absolutely wonderful and really enhance one's looks or the clothes one wears.

It is important however that some guidelines are kept in mind when purchasing and looking after gold diamond bracelets.

Firstly the diamonds in a gold diamond bracelet can range in price from a few hundred up to many thousands of dollars so the first thing is to establish your budget. How much do you want to spend on a gold diamond bracelet?

This will give you the range, type, quantity and quality of diamonds you will have in your bracelet.

Go for the best quality diamonds you can within your price range. The gold bracelet will not cost as much as the diamonds and you should go for a mid range gold bracelet such as 18 karat to 22 karat. Less and it is not worth so much and with the other metals can deteriorate. More and you will have a bracelet that can wear away more quickly as gold is a soft and malleable metal.

The diamonds should be in a claw or good setting not glued in. When cleaning a glued in diamond setting it is possible for the glue to deteriorate or react with cleaning fluids and the diamond come away and even get lost.

Ensure you get an independent certificate of appraisal for the diamond or diamonds. Do not take the word of the jeweller or dealer on the quality of the diamond.

When cleaning make sure you use only warm soapy water and not chemicals such as bleach. These can react with the metals the gold is mixed with and cause it to oxidize and turn it black. The bracelet should be thoroughly rinsed to get rid of any residue soap and then completely dried.

Diamonds can cut and scratch other jewellery so it is prudent to keep it stored separately from other jewellery.

Following the above guidelines there is no reason why your gold diamond bracelet should not last you a lifetime and give you great pleasure!

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