Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gold Belly Button Ring

A gold belly button ring can look very attractive on a person but there are a few important things to consider when venturing forth to have a gold belly button ring inserted.

Firstly one should ensure that the person doing the operation is a professional and has clean and sterile equipment and instruments. Do not use an amateur body piercer as the risk an improperly pierced skin and of subsequent infection can be high.

It is possible to cause scarring and nerve damage if it is incorrectly done. The belly button itself is not pieced, usually the skin just above it. If the piercing looks infected, painful and hot to the touch then seek medical assistance quickly.

Your belly button needs to have the skin for piercing in order to hold the ring flat against the body. An outtie, or belly button that protrudes, is not suitable for a gold belly button ring as the ring will stick out and look unattractive. Most people choose a vertical piercing that enters the top of the belly button inside and exits thorough the skin above

Once youhave had a body piercing, and this applies to any body piercing not just belly buttons, one should wash it gently twice a day and with a diluted salt solution and soap with antibacterial ingredients. It should be rinsed thoroughly and gently dried to remove all moisture.

The jewellery can be affected by body oils, perfumes, and other chemicals so it does need to be kept clean.

A gold belly button ring can take up to 1 to 2 years to completely heal depending on how it is treated.

Pregnancy can affect the gold belly button ring and you can leave it in up until the belly swells, around the 5th or 6th month usually. Then you will need to either remove it or change the size.

To remove the gold belly button ring it is recommended that you visit the shop where you had the original done and have them remove it and, if required, replace with a different one.

If your piercing is new you will most likely be wearing a captive bead ring. I suggest going back to the shop you got the piercing at and ask them to remove it and replace it with your new body jewelry. If your belly button piercing is healed then wash your hands, your navel and the new body jewelry that you will be inserting. Next unscrew the ball that is in your piercing and pull the barbell down and out, then insert your new body jewelry into your piercing from the inside of the belly button up and out and screw the ball on.

Keeping in mind the above points will help you enjoy your gold belly button ring for many years to come.

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