Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fine Gold Jewellery

Fine gold jewellery is or would be fine gold plus other metals to which it is alloyed and any good quality gems as well being crafted quality jewellery.

It tends to be a matter of taste and essentially it is really a matter of quality.

Find gold is the term used to describe gold in it’s purest form, which is to say unalloyed with no additions. This would be 24 karat gold.

The unit of measurement that indicates the quantity of fine gold in a piece of jewelry is the karat. 24 Karat is considered pure gold or 99.99 percent gold. 18 karate gold, on the other hand, contains eighteen parts fine gold and six parts metal.

24 or even 22 karat gold is not really advised for gold jewellery however as gold is too soft and malleable and can wear away easily. The exception is a very fine piece that might only be worn on special or 'state' occassions.

14 and 18 karat gold is considered more suitable for jewellery. 14 karat has around 55 percent gold and 18 karat about 75 percent. The balanced is made up of silver, nickel zinc and other metals to increase the durability and hardness of the gold.

The important thing as far as jewellery is concerned is. Is the gold of good quality and suitable for that type of jewellery? What karat is it?

Is the gold jewellery well made? The clasp and claw settings properly made and not loose. One does not want the gems to shift around and even fall out. Or the clasp to break making it impossible to fit properly.

Such things make the difference between a shoddily made piece of jewellery and a quality piece.

Fine gold jewellery is very nice for a piece that is worn only occasionally or not very often as it will then last. It would not be suitable for every day use.

It should also be well cared for and professionally cleaned. Failing that a warm wash in soapy water, well rinsed and dried will help to keep the oils and contaminants off and the piece in pristine condition.

One should have fine gold jewellery and treasure it for many years to come and, with the above in mind, one can ensure that it lasts for many years.

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