Tuesday, May 09, 2006

14 gold kt jewelry

14 gold kt jewelry is probably the most common of all jewellery. Containing just over 50 percent gold, the other metals are usually silver, copper, bronze and zinc. It is durable enough to be worn for long periods without wearing away yet contains enough gold to look nice as a piece of jewelry.

The k, or karat, in gold jewelry refers to the amount of gold present within the piece. 24 kt would be pure gold and 22kt very close to. As the kt diminishes so does the gold content. 9kt is probably the lowest that still has any appreciable amount of gold in the piece.

14kt jewelry, being hardened with other metals, is probably the best gold to use for jewelry in the colder countries. In warmer countries one would get as close to 24 kt as possible as the body sweats a lot more and this affects the other metals that have been mixed or alloyed with the gold. They will react with the chemicals in the body's perspiration and this will turn the piece black over time. One of the reasons why people in hot countries prefer pure gold.

In colder countries however 18 and 14 kt gold jewelry are quite suitable.

Cleaning 14kt is quite easy. Warm soapy water and rinsed really well. Then thoroughly dried before putting the piece away. Gold jewelry should be stored separately from other pieces. It is easy to scratch, especially if there are gems or diamonds in the settings.

Choosing 14kt gold jewelry is an important step. 14k gold jewelry is not expensive so budget is usually not an issue. Selecting the right piece to wear either on a regular daily basis or for that special occasion requires care and thought. When at the jewelers always ensure you get to see the piece in natural light.

Keeping in mind the above will ensure you get a 14kt gold jewelry piece you like and will enjoy for years to come.

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