Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Antique Gold Jewellery

Usually one finds genuine antique gold jewellery at auctions or from deceased estates. There are dealers on the net however who offer ‘antique gold jewellery’ but it is difficult to be able to say of these offerings are genuine or now.

Particularly as the origins are not given but probably more the fact that almost any jewellery can be fabricated. If omega watches can be ‘created’ then almost certainly antique gold jewellery can be too.

So when it comes to buying antique gold jewellery it can be a matter of what you actually want and how much you want to pay for it.

First of course you would decide upon what you want, Genuine or something that looks genuine. The you would establish your budget. Then you would look for something that fits within your budget. It is a good idea to seek at the top end of your budget so you get the best possible piece you can afford.

Spend some time looking around, becoming familiar with antique gold jewellery and what is available. Perhaps go to a few auctions either in person or online to establish what is available, how well it sells and what prices are being paid.

There is nothing quite like gaining a good familiarity with the area you are going to buy in to help get the best piece for the best price.

Having gotten something you are satisfied with you might like to consider insurance. This will depend largely on the value of the piece. Old gold is usually 22 or 24 carat and may contain some valuable gems and diamonds as well as have a possible antique value so should be appraised by an independent valuer for insurance purposes. Especially if it contains diamonds which may be worth quite a bit.

You will want to keep the piece in good condition of course so a professional clean may be the order of the day. You can keep your jewellery in good condition by washing it in warm soapy water, rinsing and drying it well and storing it in separate containers so it does not get scratched or scratch other jewellery pieces.

Keeping in mind the above points will help to ensure you get an antique gold jewellery piece that you will be satisfied with and which will last for many years more.

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