Friday, September 01, 2006

Fathers Day Gold Jewellery

What could you get for Fathers Day gold jewellery? Perhaps a gold signet ring? Or even a gold key ring, some cuff links, tie pin, a pendant, or even a bracelet. All can make a great gift for Fathers Day.

It is a very good idea to know before you go, so understanding what sort of gold is available and the sort of gold jewellery is important. Your budget will be the first factor followed by what sort of jewellery does your father like? Also what size, especially with rings and bracelets, is important.

Whatever you buy it is wise to look at the quality of gold of the jewellery and what type of gemstones are used.

18 karat gold is most likely to be the best. 22 and 24 karat gold tends to be too soft for jewellery, especially for a man, and 18 or 14 karat is better for jewellery worn a lot. 10 and 9 karat jewellery is mostly other metal and gold plated is going to wear off after a while so really should be avoided.

It is worth while browsing the various jewelers and looking to select something your father would really appreciate. Ensure that the specifications of the piece are clearly show. The karat of the gold, type of gold, yellow, white etc. Also if there is a gemstone in the piece, check the setting. Is it a good fit? Is the stone lose in the setting?

If there is a gemstone, what sort of stone is it? Diamond? Emerald? Ruby? What are the quality and characteristics of the stone. Does it come with a certificate of appraisal to show that it is a) genuine, and b) of good quality?

All these are important points to keep in mind.

It can be fun getting Fathers Day gold jewellery and, with some careful thought and patience, it can be a gift that will last a lifetime.

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