Friday, March 31, 2006

Rose Gold Ring

A rose gold ring can look really exquisite on the right hand and can be joy forever.

A few things are important to know about rose gold however before you venture into ownership of this unusual and striking ring.

In fact rose gold is simply gold that has been mixed with copper. All the metallic elements silvery in coloring. Only gold and copper are not. The color of gold can be changed by mixing in various portions of silver copper and even nickel and bronze or zinc.

As well as increasing the hardness and durability of the gold they also change the color and rose gold is achieved by mixing in copper with the gold. The more copper mixed in the deeper the hue of rose or red.

The terms rose, pink and red are all interchangeable and mean the same gold except that ‘rose’ and ‘pink’ are used more for marketing purposes.

To make white gold usually proportions of nickel and or palladium are used.

Some people think that old gold is red or rose gold. This is not true as a label for old or antique gold although some old gold may be rose gold it would not be true for all old or antique gold.

When you go to buy a rose gold ring do ensure that the jeweller can tell you what the gold content is and check how it looks in natural light, not just in the bright lights of the shop. Gold can look quite different outside in natural sunlight and this is generally how it will be normally seen. So you want to ensure it looks right on your finger.

It should be a natural fit, not too loose that it will slip off and not too tight that it is uncomfortable. It is true that some fingers increase in width with age so that should be taken into consideration. The size then, and the shape, design all play a part in what ring you eventually deicide to buy.

What ever your decision, wearing a rose gold ring can be a real delight and, being somewhat unusual, a talking piece as well.

Gold and Silver Jewellery

Gold and silver jewellery is a fascinating subject and covers a very broad range of jewellery.

Tawhid Abdullah, Chairman of the Dubai Gold and jewellery group once said that gold and silver jewellery was the third biggest contributor to the country after construction, oil and gas.

This really emphasizes the importance people place on jewellery. It is a trait that people have had for many years.

In Egypt gold was the preferred metal for jewellery making as it was easy to handle and malleable. It looked nice, was rare and did not tarnish. In the time of the Pharaohs gold was considered the metal of the gods.

This was in evidence during the excavations by Howard Carter in 1922 leading to the great discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb and the many fine gold funerary artifacts.

In ancient Greece, some beautiful and delicate necklaces and earrings have been found in burial sites. Italian and Roman coinage is well known to avid ancient coin collectors.

In fact eight centuries before Christ the Italians in the Tuscany region produced some of the finest granulated textured gold work. They made large clasps, necklaces, bracelets and earrings as well as ingenious pendants that were hollow and could be filled with perfume. The Italians are still renowned for high quality stylish trend making gold work today.

The Romans were using 18 and 24 carat coinage and this was often used for decorative work as well as an exchange medium.

Gold and silver jewellery, in short, has been a favorite throughout the centuries due to the various factors including their beauty, easily worked and rarity.

It is probably safe to say that gold and silver jewellery will continue to be the bees knees when it comes to fashion, decoration and value in the coming centuries.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

White Gold Wedding Ring

A white gold wedding ring should be chosen with care. This is a ring that is supposed to last a very long time and so needs to be durable and retain its splendor for many years.

There are some guidelines that will help to ensure that the white gold wedding ring purchased will provide a lifetime of pleasure.

The first step is to work out what your budget will be as the price of rings can vary considerably. You want a quality ring but do not want to pay the earth for it. In most cases two months salary is a good benchmark to start from in considering the price range of a ring. A wedding ring can also have diamonds as well and does not just have to be a band so that can up the price somewhat as well.

The type of ring can make a big difference, whether a chunky looking ring or something much slimmer will depend on the type of style you prefer and the type of hands one has also.

A white gold wedding ring should be hard wearing and long lasting so 24 carat gold is quite unsuitable as gold is too soft a metal for constant use. It will tend to wear away and reduce in size. White gold is, in fact, gold that has been alloyed or mixed with other metals such as silver or copper in particular proportions to give that white gold effect. However its appearance is an off white color so white gold is usually coated or plated with platinum or rhodium to give that extra white shine and to increase the durability of the ring.

Ensure that when you select the ring that you get a good carat such as 14 or 18 carat. You want a guarantee from the jeweller for this and to be able to return the ring if it is found not to be as described.

Following the above guidelines will help when buying a white gold wedding ring that will give years of pleasure and happiness.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

White Gold Bracelet

A white gold bracelet can look really nice and be a great fashion accessory both for men as well as women.

You have to ensure that you get the right white gold bracelet and ensure that you are getting what you pay for also.

White gold is simply gold that has been alloyed or ‘mixed’ with other metals to create that white gold effect and, also to increase the durability and hardness of the gold so, it does not wear away so quickly. Pure gold is a soft metal and easy to wear away especially when it is worn a lot.

For bracelet use white gold should be around 14 carats. This means that just over half if the metal should be gold and the balance silver, copper and even nickel in a special combination. It is the combination that gives the gold its white color. Actually it usually looks slightly off white and is usually covered with another metal such as platinum or rhodium to increase it wearability.

Ensure therefore that you are getting what you pay for. It is easy to over look the carat and possibly get a 9 or 10 carat bracelet that has very little gold in and an extremely thin coating on top and for a very cheap price. You will nice this later as it wears away and starts to look shoddy.

Better to pick a reputable dealer who you know is going to give you excellent customer service including advising you correctly on the type of white gold bracelet that will suit you.

If you use the guidelines above you are sure to get the right white gold bracelet that suits your budget and your taste as well as enhance your fashion choices.

Gold Engagement Ring

A gold engagement ring is essentially composed of two parts. A diamond and a setting which is usually of gold, either yellow or white but can, on rare occasions, be green or rose gold.

Probably the first criteria for buying the gold engagement ring is, ‘how much should I spend?’

This is an emotional purchase but you still one need a clear head to ensure that what you buy is:

a) within you budget and
b) that the gold engagement ring is what it is advertised to be and carried\s a certificate of authenticity for the diamond and a guarantee for the setting. and
c) you ensure you get value for money spent

Having got that established the next thing is, ‘what type of gold engagement ring will she love?

There are a variety of settings available including a solitary diamond or one larger diamond with smaller ones surrounding and setting of the center stone. If you are purchasing in secret for a presentation and proposal at the right time, perhaps some discreet inquiries to see what sort of ring she would like would be prudent. And not forgetting the ring size. If you are going together then it is simply a matter of applying a, b and c above and within those guidelines selecting the ring she likes the best.

Picking the right jeweller can make all the difference also. The better class and quality jeweller you can afford is best. At the least the jeweller should be prepared to spend some time with you assisting to pick the right ring and to provide information about the diamond an setting and also the requisite certificates upon purchase.

It is most unwise to buy a diamond sight unseen. Always ensure you see a diamond for yourself in natural light and get an independent appraisal if you can.

The setting should also be of a gold that is strong and durable. This means getting say a 14 or 18 carat ring and not a 24 or even 22 carat ring as it will be too soft and will not last as long. In a 14 and 18 carat ring the gold is alloyed with a strong metal such as copper or bronze to provide longer wear over time.

Following the above guidelines will help to ensure that a gold engagement ring is bought that is satisfactory to the future bride and will last for a lifetime.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Gold Bangle Bracelet

A gold bangle bracelet is usually composed of 14 carat gold. 14 carat gold means there is about 58.5 percent gold in the bracelet. This ensures that it is hard and durable and more prone to wear so much as if it was pure gold. Usually the rest is silver, bronze, zinc and sometimes copper.

14 carat gold is also the standard for industrial use of gold in such things as pen nibs and bushes on electrical instruments etc.

When buying a gold bangle bracelet ensure that it is solid 14 or more carat gold. Ensure that it is not gold plate but solid gold. Gold plate would be quite unsuitable for a gold bangle bracelet as the gold is usually very thin and would ware away after a few months. The actual bracelet might be made of a variety of metals including steel, copper or an alloy.

A 14 carat gold bangle bracelet will last quite well and will never lose its gold shine.

Also it is worth while shipping around as the prices for gold bangle bracelets vary. You can buy them for a much better price online so always ensure you select a reputable dealer from which to buy.

There are many different styles from the very thin to the slightly thicker. Some people where more than one gold bangle bracelet on one wrist depending on the thickness of the bangles.

Ensure you pick those that suit your build and coloring. If you have the right gold bangle bracelet on your wrist it will certainly enhance your appearance as well as look very fashionable into the bargain.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cheap Gold Jewellery

Of course cheap gold jewellery is easy to by, principally because it is cheap, but should you buy cheap gold jewellery?

It is an old maxim that “you get what you pay for”, and this applies just as much on the gold jewellery business as in anything else.

Buying cheap gold jewellery means that the gold will be of poor quality, perhaps less than 9 carats. It may well be gold plate or gold plated but the amount of gold used to ‘plate’ the piece will be so thin that to even look at it is likely to make it vanish!

The clasp or the setting is likely to be so poorly done that it breaks or will not open or is just a poor fit. The ‘gems’, and I use that word loosely, are likely to be synthetic or even glass or, god forbid plastic! They would be pasted in with a cheap glue and certainly claws would not be used to hold the gems in place. Primarily of course they would be cheap!

One does not have to go out and purchase gold jewellery from Tiffanies or Cartier to show that one has taste (and plenty of money!) in gold jewellery. But, by the same token, buying jewellery that is from a discount house at ‘half price!’, or from a cheap department store is also not going to make you the talk of the town.

Buying any gold jewellery means that one selects the dealer or jeweller with care, that one selects a piece that one can afford, even if it means buying something small rather than an enormous diamond rock. And that one gets a certificate of authenticity to show the value and specifications of the piece.

In addition cheap gold jewellery does not last, however pretty it might be, soon rather than later it is going to break or wear out whereas a fine piece of gold jewellery will last for a lifetime and may even appreciate in value!

So when considering what gold jewellery to buy keep your distance when it comes to cheap gold jewellery.

Black Hills Gold Jewellery

Black hills gold jewellery is a style of jewellery reputedly created by a French goldsmith by the name of Henri Le Beauold.

In fact black hills gold jewellery is that jewellery made and manufactured in the Black Hills of Dakota.

The mountains originally got the name from the forested slops which appeared almost black from a distance form those approaching in the 1800s. Mainly white settlers railroad companies and Native Americans.

Gold was discovered in ‘them thar hills’ around 1874 by Horatio N. Ross and is still mined even to this day. There is even a song about the “Black Hills of Dakota.”.

Black hills gold jewellery is distinctive and could be considered somewhat more ornate and colourful with a tendency to leaves, grape clusters and vine decorations. But the main criteria is that it must have and should have been made in the black hills to qualify as black hills gold jewellery.

Black hills gold jewellery Is also often composed of three color gold. Yellow, white and rose. The various colors are achieved by the mix of gold with other metals to make it harder and more durable but also to create the enchanting and characteristic style so well known as black hills gold jewellery

There are many companies these days that make Black hills gold jewellery but by law all Black hills gold jewellery must be from Black hills gold.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Gold Charm Bracelet

A gold charm bracelet can be an attractive fashion accessory that enhances or sets off the wearer or their clothes. It can also be a fashion statement in itself.

When selecting a gold charm bracelet there are a number of choices one can make.

Firstly you would consider your budget. The vast majority of gold charm bracelets out there are within the average budget but one can get some really expensive stuff if you budget will stretch to it. Many thousands of dollars can be spent on gold charm bracelets that are solid gold with diamonds and other gems set into it.

But, for the most part, one can simply either select a bracelet to which one can ad the charms of your choice or go for a ready made gold charm bracelet that has charms already attached.

Obviously it has to be charms that you like or feel suit you so the second choice would be more limited than the first. The first choice however, means that you have to spend some time seeking out the charms you particularly want and probably end up with an additional cost of those charms and the work to attach them in some cases.

It is probably advisable to stick to 14 or at the most 18 carat gold as you want the bracelet and the charms to be hard wearing. Having a bracelet on one’s wrist means that it juggles about and if the gold was pure it would wear down rather quickly. So a decent alloy mix with more hard wearing metals such as silver, zinc, copper and so forth would be the order of the day.

This applies to the charms as much as the bracelet itself. Also ensure you have a firm clasp and the charms are very firmly attached to the bracelet. You don’t want them disappearing on you after all your hard work accumulating them.

Provided you keep in mind the above, wearing a gold charm bracelet can be a pleasurable activity and give many hours of enjoyment not just for the wearer but also for those looking on!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

White Gold Engagement Ring

A white gold engagement ring will be longer lasting that a normal gold engagement ring. This is simply because white gold is more durable and harder than normal gold. 24 carat pure gold is soft an malleable and would wear away within a few short years. By adding silver, zinc, copper and sometimes nickel to the gold one not only creates a longer lasting ring but also changes the color depending on the actual mix.

A white gold ring would actually look off white and possibly even gray. Many white gold engagement rings therefore are coated in either platinum or rhodium which is silvery in appearance and also very hard wearing.

So if you get one of these rings how do you know it is white gold? You can have a jewellery tech this for you to ensure it is the genuine article. When you get the ring it should also come with a certificate of authenticity and warranty that the ring is exactly what the jeweller says it is and with the option of return if found to be something other than what was described.

As the ring would normally come with a diamond this should not be too difficult as the diamond should also come with a certificate of authenticity and have been appraised.

A white gold engagement ring does have a unique beauty and, with the right diamond, will enhance the hand is has been placed on.

Man Gold Bracelet

What is a man gold bracelet? It is a bracelet for a man of course.

Not many men wear gold bracelets. Some men have the perception that it is too effeminate. In actual fact a nice gold bracelet on a man not only can look quite striking but also can be a n excellent investment for the future.

When buying gold bracelets for men a number of considerations need to be looked at. The type of man would be the first consideration. Would a gold bracelet suit that individual and if so what type of bracelet would look the best.

It is up to the man of course. Buying a gold bracelet for a man is like buying a gold ring for a woman. How do you know they like that style, type of gold and pattern?

I would suggest you drag that man out and have him with you when you buy him that gold bracelet you have been eyeing for sometime.

Another consideration is what sort of gold should you get? 24 carat pure gold would not be practical as the gold is too soft and malleable. Better get an 18 carat as the gold in a lesser carat is alloyed with harder metals such as silver, zinc copper and bronze and that makes it more hard wearing.

Should you get a chunky bracelet or something quite delicate. Again it is a matter of choice but a chunky bracelet on a slim build would tend to look out of place whiles a delicate gold bracelet on a person of heavy build would hardly be noticed at all.

So it is just as important for a man to wear an appropriate gold bracelet as it is for a woman to wear an appropriate ring or necklace. A Man gold bracelet means then exactly as it states. A bracelet for a man!

Indian Gold Jewellery

Indian gold jewellery is a very important part of Indian life. It is not just an investment or a dowry but it is also an expression of joy and inspiration and, indeed can be an expression of solace as well.

Gold always holds a special place for the Indian bride and also to Indian Royalty. For a Indian woman, gold is her ‘Stridhan’ or security for the future.

The gold jewellery in various parts of Indian vary quite considerably.

In Northern India the trend is towards the chunkier forms of gold jewellery. Northern Indian women are known also for their tendency towards experimentation in their gold designs. The sacred ornament of marriage, the ‘mangalsutra’ is making a come back as well and more antique and earlier styles tend to be more favored now.

In the south of India jewellery trends differ markedly with gold jewellery being worn and almost flaunted even when the occasion does not demand it.

There is a trend in the South now towards antique and old favorites in style. The traditional Mullai Mottu Malai necklace, which has replicas of jasmine buds all around it, is a typical example of such trends.

In East Indian Jewellery, Bengal is still known for its craftsmanship of exquisite and intricate gold jewellery with the filigree and abstract designs taking the fore. Like filigree, the art of wirework in gold is over 500 years old and some truly beautiful designs can be found with the floral and leafy designs.

The traditional chains of coins flowing from the neck to the waist is still very popular and continues to be a symbol of status and wealth. The Bollywood movie, The Devdas’, is an excellent example of the ostentatious and resplendent jewellery of the region. Highly ornate with impeccable handcrafting techniques is the trademark of jewellery from this region

Western Indian jewellery is unique in that it is more diverse than the other areas and jewellery from areas within the west are quite unique to the region. Rajasthan jewellery, for example tends to be a mix of the traditional for the region with a Persian influence. It also includes the traditional bindi, worn in the center parting of the hair. Flower shape pins and hair combs are also a strong part of traditional jewellery in Rajasthan

The Gujarat is quite different again. The Gujarat is more known for the distinctive disc earrings that stretch the women’s ears almost to breaking point. The Gujarat jewellery is also known for being jewellery for almost every part of the body.

The Maharashtrian jewellery is more obvious when you see it. The traditional ring in the nose and many people will be familiar with this style of Indian gold jewellery in movies.

Contemporary jewellery of course is the new trend as the later Indian generations accept more western ideas and influences. Jewellery is not so much to represent a tradition here as to be a fashion accessory to complement skin types, clothing and the latest fashions.

Which ever style or type of Indian gold jewellery one prefers, it is evident they all have their own characteristic beauty and all deserve to be admired as such.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rose Gold Jewellery

What is Rose Gold Jewellery?

Rose gold jewellery is really gold that has been alloyed with other metals.

Pure gold, known as 24 carat gold, is too soft for jewellery purposes so the gold is alloyed or ‘mixed’ with other metals such as silver, copper, zinc and bronze to strengthen and harden it.

The selection, combinations and quantities of each depend on the degree of hardness required as well as the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

In 9 carat gold the amount of gold in proportion to the other metals is around 37.5 percent. In 18 carat gold it is about 75%.

Rose gold is produced by adding a brass-rich alloy or copper to give that ‘rose’ effect
Jewellery shown on your screen may show the rose color more exaggerated than it actually is so it is a good idea to go and see some samples of rose gold in natural light before you make a purchase.

In addition to rose gold there is also white gold more information on that can be found at White Gold Jewellery. White gold is created by increasing the proportion of silver, zinc and nickel. Actually white gold appears off white and is very often plated in platinum or rhodium to give it that final finish.

There is, would you believe, also green gold. This is not what you might think but is a gold mixed with silver and gives more a hint of green than the actual color. It stands out more when with white or yellow jewellery or even rose gold. Sometimes zinc and nickel are added to give hardness especially for rings when more hardness is needed.

Rose gold jewellery has a glow all it's own and, when used with the right jewellery, can look really beautiful in its own right.

White Gold Ring

Many people are unfamiliar with the white gold ring.

White gold is gold that has been alloyed with other metals such as silver, palladium or nickel.

The color of white gold is actually light gray so white gold jewellery is often coated in a highly reflective substance known as rhodium. Also it may be coated in platinum or palladium.. This adds a brilliant shine so that what you see is not actually the white gold but the coating.

White gold of course is not as expensive as pure gold but might be expensive if coating with a product such as platinum which is, ounce for ounce, worth almost double the value of gold.

White gold rings are probably more popular with men than with women who tend to prefer the glitter of gold or the sparkle of diamonds.

When buying white gold rings ensure you get a certificate or a guarantee that it is actual what gold you are buying. A certificate that describes exactly what you are getting, in fact, not just the white gold but what the alloy is and the carat and what the coating is if any. (You can tell if there is a coating or not. If not the metal will look grey and dull, if it is coated it will look shiny and bright)

A white gold ring is very nice and a good way to preserve some assets in the long term. It is usually purely for decoration however which is how most people will wear it.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Gold Watch

Nothing can look so elegant as a gold watch.

A cursory check online will display a multitude of gold watches and there are so many styles, types, as well as from the very expensive to the ‘five dollar’ watch.

Of course the cheaper watches will hardly have any gold if any on or on them and really do not qualify as gold watches.

At the other end you have the Rolex, Philippe Patek and other very expensive gold watches.

What you buy will largely depend on your budget or how much you want to spend. Also to some degree, if you are buying an expensive watch, why you chose a particular style or maker.

Watches can be bought for investment purposes although this is not very wise unless you are buying an expensive antique gold watch as\ and are experienced in this area.

Mostly, however, gold watches are bought for pleasure, to look at and for others to look at and admire or purely for functional reasons.

When buying a gold watch therefore, it is a good idea to keep in mind;

The reason you are buying the gold watch Do you want a purely functional watch for day to day use or is it to be worn mostly for special occasions?

What is you budget or what are you willing to spend? Is it for investment purposes or just to look nice and keep for ever?
Is accuracy of importance? How about under water? Is that an issue also?

All these factors should be considered and taken into account when you chose what gold watch you would like to buy.

Provided you have taken all the above into consideration it is likely you will eventually buy a gold watch that fills your requirements satisfactorily and gives you great pleasure into the bargain also

Gold Rings

Gold rings are a very popular form of jewellery. Of course the golden band is used to signify marriage and sometimes both parties wear one and sometimes only one.

Wedding rings can also be silver or platinum and even palladium has been used but by far the most popular are gold rings.

Gold rings come in numerous styles and designs from the plain to the extremely ornate and or intricate. All have the same common theme in that they are composed of gold in various carat weights.

The carat weight of a gold ring refers to the amount of gold contained within the ring. A solid gold ring would be 24 carat but also would be extremely rare. Gold is a very malleable substance (soft and can wear away quickly, particularly with constant use.

Wedding rings are designed to stay on the finger for life and of course would receive extreme wear as a result. This means that they can wear away, get thin or even break.

Therefore most gold rings are made with 18 or even 9 carat gold. Here the gold is alloyed with copper, silver zinc and bronze. This makes the ring much more hard wearing and longer lasting. Probably a more practical ring would be a platinum ring as platinum is much more hard wearing and will last for many years. However gold rings are not usually chosen for practical reasons but for romantic ones and it seems there is nothing quite so romantic as a gold wedding ring.

When buying a gold ring also ensure you know what the carat is and that it fits well. You don’t want to have the ring lost during normal use because it is too loose. Gold rings are rarely resold but if you do have occasion to sell a gold ring keep in mind that you are not going to get anywhere near the price you paid for it. The gold content is not very large and, if it is of a much lesser carat for example, you will be surprised to find the value is not a lot.

But gold rings are not bought to be sold of course but to be treasured as a lasting memento of a day to remember.

Gold Bracelet

A well designed gold bracelet is wonderful to see and can be very striking and catch the eye well.

Gold bracelets come in many diverse styles and types of. Some are very thick and ‘chunky’ while others are small and delicate.

Of course all of them contain gold and the amount of gold is not only dependent on the type and style of the gold bracelet but also the carat weight as well.

Gold, being a soft metal, can wear away quite alarmingly if worn as a solid gold object of 24 carats. This is why gold bracelets, as well as other gold jewellery, usually comes with less gold and a carat weight of 22 down to 9 carat gold.

The popular weights are 22, 18, 12 and 9 carat. The smaller the carat the more long lasting and hard wearing the gold bracelet is. This is because the gold is alloyed with a harder metal to increase it’s durability.

Silver, copper, zinc and bronze are popular metals which are mixed or alloyed with the gold to increase its hardness.

Sometimes a person may get a reaction to wearing a gold bracelet. This would not necessarily be the gold but may be one of the other metals which the gold is alloyed to. The person should try wearing alternatively a silver, zinc or bronze on the body to see what is causing the reaction and then ensure they buy gold bracelets that do not contain that metal. This is possible by having gold bracelets specially made up for one.

A gold bracelet should suit the individual who is wearing it. A thin gold bracelet would more likely suit a short thin person whereas a chunky on would look better on a bigger ‘chunkier’ person.

Of course it is all a matter of taste and there are exceptions. Provided you like and enjoy wearing gold bracelets of your choosing it really does not matter what type or style you wear.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gold Pendant

Gold pendants have been used since times immemorial. In fact a 6500 year old gold pendant was only recently found in a field in Greece and was probably used for religious purposes in the Neolithic period.

Gold pendants have been used by Royalty and in fact still are. Elizabeth Taylor is known for the head Pendant she wore as Cleopatra.

Most people wear pendants around the neck however and these are chosen for their enhancement value as well as for the decorative value of the piece itself.

Of course there are thousands of different pendants and designs, some famous some more home grown but all serve the same purpose which is to beautify the body.

Although it would be nice to wear pure gold as pendants it would not be practical since gold is a relatively soft metal and would wear away too quickly. Therefore one should get 18 carat gold as opposed to the pure 24 carat. The 18 carat is moved with copper silver zinc and bronze usually and this increases its hardness and durability and it will last longer thereby.

Gold Pendants are bought for pleasure, not for investment as they really have little return value. Selling jewellery will only return 25 or 33 percent of the value at best. For investment purposes one should be looking more to gold coins and bars.

But if one simply wants to look and feel great there is nothing quite so pleasurable as a well designed gold pendant.

Gold Necklace

With such a diverse range it can be difficult to choose a gold necklace but probably the first thing one looks at is what type of necklace you find attractive or you feel would suit you.

Here are a couple of important points to keep in mind when you are choosing a gold necklace.

Pure 24 carat gold is a soft metal and although looks stunning as a necklace would be far to soft for every use. Therefore most gold for jewellery is alloyed with copper or silver to make it more durable and harder and more long wearing. Hence 18 carat is better for gold necklaces and rings. One can get 12 and 9 carat gold and, although this is very durable, does not look quite so nice and, of course, has a much lesser value.

If one is looking to have gold for investment purposes then gold coins or gold bars are the way to go. If the time coms to sell your gold these would bring the best price. But gold jewellery would not bring such a good return and therefore is not something one would buy for investment purposes but purely to enhance the beauty of the body.

A gold necklace can look truly wonderful and bring out the best features one has so should really be used just for that purpose.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Buying Gold Jewellery Online

Buying gold jewellery online would seem as easy as pie since there is such a vast amount available. The convenience and the savings can be very tempting. You only have to check your computer and many gold jewellery houses save on costs by selling online and these savings tend to be passed on to the buyer. There is a fierce competition for your dollar on line when it comes to buying gold jewellery online.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind to make it easier and perhaps a bit safer to buy gold jewellery online.

Select the right Jeweller. Probably the first step is to locate a jeweller you can trust. This will involve some research but you can make it easier by keeping in mind the following.

The website should be informative and accurate. How pretty is is is not so important as how easy the website is to use and how much clear and understandable information will be on the site.

The site should be secured with 128bit SSL security. This is vital if you are going to give out any information about yourself and pay online for any gold jewellery with a credit card.

Any diamond you purchase should come with a certificate. A certificate from the Gemological Institute of America provides accurate information about the diamond you are purchasing.

Check out the Jewellers customer service by contacting them and asking some questions. You can tell a lot by the response you get. If it take more than 24 hours to get a response and/or the response is more like a brush off than an answer to your queries, move on.

You are looking for a jeweller you can build a relationship with and who is prepared to spend some time with you and answer your queries fully. There is fierce competition between online Jewellers so you should not expect a perfunctionary response to you queries.

Check out the website terms and conditions. Is there a returns policy? If you had to use it, would you feel your rights are covered?

Some online jewellers offer extra discounts or special offers. Consider these carefully. They may be excellent value but not always. Such phases as ‘up to’ does not mean you will get the piece at the price advertised. Such things as free shipping can be worth while.

Also watch the tax. Some states in the US and overseas are not requited to pay tax on the purchase so if this applies to you ensure you are not paying tax when you should not when buying gold jewellery online.

Know Your Gold Jewellery

The word ‘Jewellery’ is almost a generic word so when looking at what sort of gold jewellery to buy or even what to sell, it pays to ‘know your jewellery’.

Probably a good start is to know some basic terms so when you are discussing with a jeweller you look like you know what you are talking about and not like a good little consumer spotted at 600 paces.

Here are some basic terms that Jewellers use which is not only good to demonstrate you know what you are talking about but also provides a bit of an education when it comes to gold jewellery.

ASSAY A chemical process used to determine the fine precious metal content of materials. Can be expressed as a percentage or carat rating e.g. 9ct.

Au Chemical symbol for gold.

BEZEL An item that is used as a mount between the ring shank and the setting, available in different sizes to match the individual settings.

BIMETAL A combination of two differing metals bonded together. Main application in the Jewellery Industry is in the manufacture of lockets and padlocks where the material used is a 9ct sheet backed with 9ct solder (referred to as 9ct SC/9ct easy solder backed sheet). Also available in silver. The use of this material removes the need for a separate application of solder.

BOLT RING A circular catch used for fastening chains (either necklets or bracelets). Available in a variety of sizes measured by diameter e.g. 5mm, 6mm etc. and as 'open' or 'closed' type which refers to the loop by which the chain is attached.

CARAT A term used to denote the fine gold content of precious metal alloys. The designation for fine gold is 24ct therefore 9ct is 9/24 or 37.5% pure. Also a unit of weight measurement for precious stones.

CATCHES A semi-finished product used in manufacture of brooches or any item which includes a pin for fastening. The catch holds the pin in place when closed.

HALLMARK A stamped mark which is applied to items of jewellery and silverware by the Assay Offices of Britain as a guarantee of authenticity. It acts as a safeguard to purchasers. The mark consists of four components. The sponsor (or manufacturer) mark, the standard mark which denotes the precious metal content of the item, the Assay Office Mark (London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh) and the date letter which shows the year in which the article was hallmarked.

OUNCE Pre-metric unit of weight. There are two scales of ounce measurement. Ounce avoirdupois which is generally associated with foodstuffs and other consumables and ounce troy which is the scale used for precious metals. The metric equivalent of one troy ounce is 3 1.1035 grams.

Pd Chemical symbol for palladium

PENNY WEIGHT A unit of weight measurement for precious metals, there are twenty pennyweights in one troy ounce, or 1.6 grams per pennyweight.

Pt Chemical symbol for platinum.

ROLLED GOLD A base metal alloy bonded with a surface 'veneer' of precious metal, usually 9Ct. Available in various qualities determined by the carat gold thickness and base metal type. Available as single or double plate, i.e., gold alloy on one or both sides.

SEAL SET A signet ring, usually stamped, which is set with a semi-precious stone e.g., Onyx. A seal set ring differs from a stone set ring in that the stone stands proud of the ring surface and is surrounded by an open rim rather than solid metal.

STONE SET A signet ring, usually stamped, where the head has been pierced to take a semi precious stone e.g., Onyx.

TEMPER The degree of hardness exhibited by a metal.

THOU Unit of measurement relating to thickness, width etc. Short for thousandths as in thousandths of an inch. One thou is expressed as 0.001".

There are many other terms used in the gold jewellery business but the above will give you a grounding in the basic terms.

More terms can be found at Know Your Jewellery from which these terms were derived.

Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery is romantic, mysterious and above all fascinating.

Collecting gold jewellery can be an expensive hobby. Gold jewellery is so varied.

Here are some examples of different types of gold jewellery available:

Fine and Fake Jewellery
Gold in Egypt 3000 BC
Gold and Gems in Greece 1400 BC
Italian Gold and Roman Coinage
Empire Jewellery
Victorian Jewellery
Arts and Crafts Jewellery
Art Nouveau
Cocktail Jewellery
Jewellery for the 21st Century

In addition gold jewellery can come in many different types:

gold rings
gold necklaces
gold earrings
gold bracelets
gold pendant
gold charm bracelet
among many others.

If you are a first time collector it is a good idea to browse around and see what type appeals to you most. It may be Egyptian gold, or Italian gold, Perhaps necklaces appeal to you or gold pendants are your thing.

Gold jewellery can also be profitable if you like to buy and sell. Whatever you taste you are sure to find something that appeals to you and that is affordable.