Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gold Coin Jewellery

Gold coin jewellery is very popular with some people and one can get a great variety of gold coin jewellery to suit most tastes.

As well as purchasing gold coin jewellery one can also make ones own using real gold coins of course. One would not use Proof gold coins or collectors gold coins as, by using them as jewellery where they get handled and possibly some rough treatment, one would be reducing the value of the coins.

A lot will depend on the reason for having gold coin jewelery but if it is to wear then you would simply get a used gold coin and have that set in a bezel and mounted as a pendant perhaps, or set in a gold ring.

Often you will find gold coins can even be set in watches but here it is virtually impossible to see if they coin is real gold since you have no access to it so it is probably not wise to assume that the coin within the watch is all it seems to be or is promoted to be.

With gold coin jewelery it is probably easier to seek out and browse the many gold coin jewellery items available and find that which suits your taste best.

Having a coin mounted is going to cost a lot more and it is better to keep your gold coins in the container in which they came uncontaminated by the environment.

So then, browsing the various gold coin jewellery set you can select a piece that fits in with your budget as well as your taste. Maintaining the jewellery piece is important and, in this case, it might be better to take your gold coin jewellery to a professional jeweller who can clean it for you periodically.

When purchasing try to get a certificate that states the type and value of the gold coin and the gold content. If it is then later found to have less gold in it, such as the coin being 14 karat gold instead of the stated 24 karat, you will have a written statement to fall back on.

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