Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rose Gold Watch

Of the myriad variety of watches perhaps the rose gold watch is one of the most exquisite.

Rose gold watches are available in a large variety of types and sizes and some are gold and some are not.

You can get real rose gold, rose gold plated, just pink and not gold so you do need to be careful and ensure you establish exactly what it is you are getting when you buy a rose gold watch.

Many rose gold watches are simply gold plated. This means the gold content is very small and the plating can be extremely thin and, after a while, will wear away and look very unsightly.

Find out how much gold is in the watch? Find out the karat. It should really be 14 karat or more ideally. 22 or 24 karat, or pure gold is very rare and would be too much as gold is a soft malleable metal and can easily be distorted and broken. By mixing it with other metals such as platinum, palladium, silver and other metals, it is made more durable and long lasting.

Of course rose gold watches are liked by men as well as women. In fact the very ornate ones are popular as bling bling in the hip hop culture. You can get rose gold watches encrusted with diamonds and heavy gold.

For those on a sever budget the diamonds are fake of course and the gold is more than likely thinly plated but they look flashy and certainly make a statement!

Solid rose gold watches with real diamonds set in are for the wealthy. If money is no object one can get a fantastic and very tasteful rose gold watch for a few thousand dollars.

As in buying any jewellery, always ensure you are getting what you pay for,. Certificates to authenticate the watch, diamonds and gold are the order of the day. If the watch is extremely expensive and independent appraisal should be done for insurance and possible later resale purposes.

If you like rose gold watches you are sure, after some window shopping, to find the rose gold watch that suits you and from which you can get a great deal of pleasure.

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