Saturday, May 20, 2006

Geneva Gold Watch

The term Geneva or Geneve as relating to a watch is very much a generic term.

Geneva is a city in Switzerland and considered the home of fine watches. For centures the very best watches have been made here.

No one company can own the brand name Geneve. It is really only identified by the quality of craftsmanship and manufacture. A true Geneve watch is considered true by virtue of having the finest movement, diamonds and gold contained therein.

Virtually all watch movements are made by a Swiss company called ETA. This is regardless of the various features some movements have. The ETA web site Geneva gold watch gives fascinating information for those interested.

A good quality Geneva gold watch should contain a movement by ETA, a watchcase made with German technology and the actual case and band manufactured and assembled in Italy.

Geneve watches usually cost several thousand dollars to buy but with the increase in dealers online and increased competition, these prices are being gradually reduced.

There are a number of important points to keep in mind when buying a Geneva or Geneve gold watch.

As well as the genuine Geneve watch there are many cheap copies or versions around selling for a fraction of the price. In these copies it is likely the gold is plated and not full gold. Also the movement is probably not a ETA movement but something poorly made elsewhere. Of course if you want a pretend copy then you can pick and choose from a wide selection available. Such a watch would not have any investment potential but simply be purchased for the looks and affordability only.

If you are seeking a genuine Geneve watch with accuracy and all the trimmings such as diamond inserts etc then you will need to ensure that you are buying from a dealer or jeweller who is genuine and will sell you what you want.

Unless you are experienced in purchasing gold watches it is a really good idea to avoid auctions. The exception is actually going physically to a deceased estate auction where sometimes there is jewellery for sale including antique or old watches. These watches are almost sure to be genuine and have, at least, an antique value over and above the value of the gold in the watch.

The first thing however, when picking a Geneve Watch is to ensure you select a jewellery house that sells the genuine article. Then you can select from the range offered. The cost of a genuine Geneve gold watch is likely to be in the thousands.

Having selected the watch you like, you need to ensure that it comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and the value stated on that certificate for insurance purposes.

A good quality Geneva gold watch would be a great watch to have and will hold its value provided it is looked after and cared for.

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