Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gold Coin Ring

Some people like a gold coin ring. There are various types of gold coin ring available with different coins. Obviously the coins contained with the ring would need to be fairly small. The silver dollar would be too large of course.

Such rings would include a one twenty fifth of an ounce gold coin or a British sixpence or small silver coin for example.

Gold coin rings have been around for many years and there is some thought that they originated as signet rings or even originally as seal rings.

A seal ring is a ring with a crest engraved on it in reverse and which is used to impress wax on sealing an envelope or letter. It was used to signify that the letter came from the individual, usually of royalty or of a family house,.

Gold coin rings today are worn as decoration more than anything else and the original meaning has really become redundant.

The important things today about gold coin rings is to ensure that the coin is genuine and the ring is as described in terms of it’s gold content and value.

Also that the ring is properly looked after to ensure it lasts well.

It is a good idea to ensure the ring is at least 14 karat gold. That means the ring would be about 55 percent gold and the rest silver, nickel and perhaps platinum or bronze. This increases the hardness and therefore durability of the ring. A lower karat level would mean less gold and therefore less value. A higher karat level means that the ring is going to be softer and more malleable and easy to scratch.

The coin should also be verified as genuine and a certificate even should be obtained.

Maintaining the ring is best done by not wearing it constantly as it would then be subject to the various chemicals associated with the hands in their daily activities. The gold itself may be fairly inert but many of the other metals such as silver, nickel etc, are not and can be corroded by various chemicals, such as detergents, bleaches, sweat, perfumes, hand creams and others. Washing in warm soapy water, rinsing well and drying completely is the best method if keeping the ring clean and in good condition. Storing separately from other jewellery, especially gems, will protect them from scratches and nicks.

If the above is kept in mind them your gold coin ring will most likely last and give you a lifetime of pleasure.

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