Sunday, October 01, 2006

yellow gold ring

The yellow gold ring is probably the most purchased piece of jewelery in the world.

Although it is pretty straight forward it is still important to practice some due diligence when purchasing even this simple piece of jewelery.

Using a reputable jeweler or dealer is the first step. Especially if you are going to purchase online. Is the dealer easily contactable? Do they have a contactable phone number and is their address posted on the web site? It is a good idea to read their terms of service. Do they have a returns policy. What if you buy a ring and it does not fit or is not what you ordered or is not what you expected? Can you return it?

Deciding what karat gold is going to be used is the second. Obviously the more karats the gold ring the more it will cost and the more it is worth because there is more gold within the ring.

A 24 carat gold ring is just about pure gold. 18 carat is about 80-90 percent gold. 14 karat is just over half gold and half other metals.

A few factors to take into account here. Gold is a soft metal so if it is going to be worn continuously then purse gold is going to wear away faster. A lower karat will have other metals, such as silver, nickel, copper and zinc to improve its hardness and durability. A few people get a reaction to constantly wearing lower gold karat rings due to the nickel content. However most rings these days has less nickel content so a new ring is less likely to cause any problems.

Getting a certificate to show the value of the ring especially if it contains gemstones or a diamond is vital. Not only for insurance purposes but also you want to be sure the ring is genuine and you are getting what you have paid for.

These above are just a few simple points to keep in mind when buying a yellow gold ring and by doing so you are likely to get a ring with which you are very satisfied and which will last a lifetime.