Tuesday, June 20, 2006

White Gold Charm Bracelet

A white gold charm bracelet can look very nice and make a real fashion statement as the right accessory.

White gold is gold that has been mixed or alloyed with other metals such as silver and platinum, for example, and apart from improving its hardness and durability also creates the white gold look that goes so well with other jewellery.

Often white gold is also coated with rhodium to increase its shininess and brilliance as white gold can look a bit dull.

The sort of white gold charm bracelet one would where would depend upon a number of factors.

Price. How much one can afford. This depends of course on ones budget and how much one is prepared to spend.

Size. Chunky or slim or somewhere in between. This might depend on the physical appearance of the wearer.

Style. Of course this is a personal thing and can depend on ones taste as well as how the bracelet looks with various clothes.

Having decided upon a white gold charm bracelet with all the various charms that one prefers, the next thing is to ensure that it is a genuine article. The jeweller should provide you with a certificate to state exactly what the bracelet is and you, for an expensive one, can get this verified at another jewellers This is important for insurance purposes as well as ease of mind.

Maintaining the bracelet is important. Keeping it clean and free from contaminants such as hand and body oils and creams as well as perfumes and strong cleaners. Washing gently in warm soapy water over a bowl is the ideal method and completely drying before wearing again or storing is important. The gold is fairly inert but the other metals mixed in can tarnish if not looked after.

Provided you keep the above in mind it is likely you will have a white gold charm bracelet that will give you pleasure for many years to come.

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