Saturday, April 29, 2006

Animal Gold Jewellery

Animal gold jewellery is very popular and one can get gold jewellery for just about any animal or insect including dog, cat, horse, dinosaur, bee, ladybug, snail, fly, hippopotamus, dragonfly and even pigs as shown on the left.

Any of these animal gold jewellery pieces are a matter of taste of course and one does not have to be an animal lover to wear animal jewellery.

Sometimes such jewellery can be an excellent accessory or good to make a particular fashion statement. Animals are often used in gold charms for gold charm bracelets.

When you buy and use animal gold jewellery it is good to keep in mind the following points:
  • Always ensure you buy gold jewellery from a trustworthy dealer or jeweller. It is probably not a good idea to go for ‘discount’ jewellery as you are sure to get what you pay for.
  • Ensure you know what the gold carat is and that it is solid gold and not plate. Plated gold, in these price ranges, tends to be very thin and wears away easily.
  • Compare the actual piece with the description and check that it is genuine with the dealer or jeweller.
  • If possible wear the clothes you intend the animal gold jewellery to go with so you can see how they look together. There is nothing worse than getting a piece of jewellery, intended to be worn with a particular suit or dress, home and then find it does not really match.
Keeping your gold jewellery clean is a must. Jewellery worn most of the day accumulates impurities on the surface. Sprays, perfumes, body perspiration and other chemicals are often used on a daily basis. Many can be harmful to gold or the clasps and settings. A good clean in warm soapy water then well rinsed and dried is all you need. Never use bleach. It oxidizes the gold and turns it black.

Store your gold jewellery in separate containers. Gold mixed with gems such as diamonds is unwise as they will scratch your gold and that will not improve or enhance your gold piece.

Provided you keep the guidelines above in mind there is no reason why you should not have and enjoy a treasured animal gold jewellery piece for many years.

Dog Gold Jewellery

Dog gold jewellery is very popular among dog lovers but need not be relegated to those of the canine persuasion. Even people who are not particularly enamored of dogs can discover how interesting dog gold jewellery can be.

There is a vast variety of dog gold jewellery from rings to watches, bracelets to pendants and necklaces.

In fact the example picture above shows a typical cute dog necklace or pendant available for a modest sum. This particular one comes from Dog Gold Jewellery who have an excellent range of dog jewellery.

When selecting dog gold jewellery, as with any other gold jewellery, always ensure you know what you are buying. You want solid gold not plate gold. Gold plate generally does not last long as the gold used is usually of 9 carat gold and very thin, so wears away very fast.

You should look for pure gold, around 14 carat so that you get just over 50 percent gold but not too much that it wears away. Gold is a soft metal and for the sort of use you might put your gold dog to, it is better to have 10k, 14k or even 18 carat rather than the pure 24k or even 22 carat gold.

These are usually small pieces as well so care should be taken when cleaning them. Warm soapy water and rinsed really well over a bowl (not sink – you don’t want it to fall down the plug hole accidentally!) is the ticket. It is most important to ensure it is completely dry after cleaning.

You should store gold jewellery when not in use with other gold and not harder metals or gems such as diamonds. They can easily scratch your gold jewellery.

Keeping in mind the above, purchasing and caring for your dog gold jewellery will be easy. If you are a dog lover then collecting dog gold jewellery can be great fun and a great way to express your love of dogs.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

14k Gold Jewellery

14k gold jewellery is available almost everywhere and you can certainly find some excellent pieces to suit your taste and budget.

Here are some important points to remember to look after your 14 carat gold jewellery.

Firstly, it is not advisable to wear your gold jewellery 24 hours a day. Many of the substances we put on our skin can affect the gold and the quality of the piece. Hand lotions, make up, perfumes and especially hair spray can have an effect on the gold and other metal that is mixed with it. For 14 carat gold is not pure gold. It has been mixed or alloyed with other metals such as silver and bronze, for example, to increase hardness and durability.

Also when cleaning do not use any bleach or chlorine as that will oxidize the metal and cause it to go black. Warm soapy water and well rinsed and dried afterwards is much better and will keep your gold clean and in pristine condition. Always ensure your gold jewellery is fully dry before putting it away. Often clasps and other joining areas are made of other metals which may rust if water is left to pool. When swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool ensure you remove your gold jewellery first.

Each 14k gold jewellery piece should ideally be stored separately. Diamonds can scratch gold so do not store gold with diamonds or other gems where they are loose and can move around.

When choosing 14k gold jewellery, pick something that will enhance your personality and perhaps even make a fashion statement if you are so inclined. Whatever you budget is go to the top of it and try and get a piece that is good quality. A small good quality piece of 14 karat gold jewellery is much better than a big cheap piece and it shows.

If you keep in mind the above points you are sure to enjoy your 14k gold jewellery.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mother’s Day Gold Jewellery

Now is a great time to look around for Mother’s Day gold jewellery. There is a great range of gold karat jewellery to choose from as well as types and styles of gold jewellery for mum.

Of course one wants to get something that is suitable and will be appreciated. Firstly decide on your budget. Then you can afford to look around in that range.

Solid gold jewellery is much better than plated gold jewellery as it will last longer and the colour will not wear away.

14 carat gold is usually best as it is gold that has been specifically alloyed or mixed with other harder metals such as silver and platinum. 14 karat gold jewellery will be more hard wearing and durable as a result. Pure gold is soft and wears away easily. Keep this in mind when shopping for gold jewellery.

If a gold jewellery piece is going to be worn often and it is a bracelet or ring (wrists and hands are high wear areas) then a lower gold Karat is more practical. If the gold jewellery piece is a special piece that will only be worn on special occasions or in a low contact area such as a brooch or pendant, then a high karat gold jewellery piece is a special gift.

Choose the type of jewellery you feel is most appropriate. A gold pendant, gold earrings, a gold brooch or perhaps even a gold ring might be suitable.

Then there is the style. This would depend on what your mother likes. A quick scout around in her jewelry box or taking note of what jewelry she likes to wear will give a clue.

Getting the gold jewellery piece engraved adds that special personal touch to show your love.

If your budget is modest then instead of a larger but cheap looking piece, a very small but quality piece of jewellery would be the way to go.

Whatever Mother’s Day gold jewellery you decide to give, a nice presentation box for the gold piece will give her great pleasure and will be kept for years.

Gold jewellery is a great way to say you care on Mother's Day.

Monday, April 24, 2006

14k Gold Necklace

14k gold necklace can be suitable for both men and women.

Sometimes people like to wear a 22 or even pure gold, 24 carat gold necklace. The only problem with that is that gold is soft and will wear away easily. By mixing or ‘alloying’ the metal with other metals such as silver, platinum and copper, which are harder metals, the gold will last longer and be more durable.

Most gold for jewellery therefore is around 14 carats which is about 55 percent gold.

This should also be taken into account when it comes to the cost and value of a gold necklace.

Actually how much gold are you paying for.,?

But of course a 14k gold necklace is not bought for an investment but as a decoration, or because it looks really nice or one likes to wear gold necklaces or even as a fashion statement.

The price becomes academic therefore and the attention is more on the style and type of necklace to suite ones taste and interest.

One of the important points to watch for when buying a 14k gold necklace is the clasp. Is it strong enough? Some clasps are made out of other metal to give it a bit more strength. It should be securely made and attached to the necklace firmly and open and close with a little effort required. Too easy and it could be jogged open and one could lose the necklace. Too tight and it could break with the r=effort of trying to open or close it.

Also storing a gold necklace properly is important. Many a time I have had to unscramble a gold necklace because it has been just plonked down and then tends to scrunch up. It should be laid out , preferably in a long box and kept separate from, other jewellery as gold, of course, can be scratched. Storing a gold necklace with diamonds is just asking for it to be scratched.

Just following the few simple points above can ensure that your 14k gold necklace lasts for a long time and gives you please in the time that you own it.

Gold Jewellery Man

What is gold jewellery man? Well it is basically gold jewellery for men.

There is a vast array of gold jewellery available for men. Pendants, rings, watches, earrings and bracelets to name but a few. Also available is gold navel jewellery and gold jewellery for other interesting places.

There are some basic factors to consider when you are buying gold jewellery for men.

Firstly the type of gold. 14 or 18 carat gold, where 50 to 75 percent of the metal is actually silver, copper and other metals, is better as this makes the gold more durable. Gold is a soft metal and 22 and 24 carat pure gold will wear away rather quickly with constant use. Avoid plated gold as that is usually very thin and wears away. You are interested in solid gold.

The type and style of jewellery is important. Jewellery, as well as a potential !-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->investment or accumulation of assets for the future is also a fashion statement and of course one needs to make the right statement.

The cost plays an important part, particularly if there are gems, such as diamonds, involved. These can skyrocket the value of the piece far above the value of the gold. When considering such purchases certain factors should be taken into account.

Selecting the right jeweller to start with. Someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing. Deciding the type and style of the pice you want or are buying for another. How much you want to spend. You would naturally only look in your price range, whatever that is.

Work on getting the best possible in your price range.

If you are buying something in the thousands then it would be prudent to get a certificate of authenticity, particularly if there are diamonds, gems, opals or pearls involved.. At least a guarantee that the piece is genuine and what it is described to be.

This way you can be sure that the ‘gold jewellery man’ you buy will be satisfactory for either yourself or the person you are buying it for.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Horse Gold Jewellery

Interestingly enough horse gold jewellery is quite popular and not just with equestrians.

Horse shoes, small horses and other horse gold jewellery is available online from a number of jewellery dealers that specialize in unique jewellery as well as through equestrian associations.

As with any other jewellery it is important that you keep in mind a few points.

Also ways check the carat of the piece to ensure it ism suitable. Most of these jewellery pieces are 14 carat but sometimes you get a 10 carat piece and even simply plated rather than solid gold. Solid gold is better as plated will wear away in time and you will be left with something that looks tawdry and cheap.

14 carat is probably best as it contains just over 50 percent gold and also silver and copper among other metals and will long lasting and durable as a result.

Pendants are good and you can also get rings, earrings necklaces and brooches. Obviously you should pick something that is going to suit you and be compatible with whatever fashion statement you like to make.

Ensure you purchase from a good dealer who will give you the best value for your money. You can sometimes find a good bargain in eBay or another auction hose. But do ensure that you do your due diligence

Horse gold jewellery can look very nice and be a great fashion statement as well as a talking point with friends.

Man Gold Necklace

A man gold necklace is not unusual. Men have been wearing gold necklaces for hundreds of years.

One could almost call the gold chain a mayor of a city a gold necklace. But a true gold necklace for a man is usually something less chunky of course!

If you are choosing a gold necklace for a man you do need to consider some points.

The necklace must firstly suit the individual. It may be that a thin necklace with perhaps a small diamond may be suitable. Or more ‘chunky’ sold gold necklace may be more appealing. It will depend on the build, the character and the taste of course of the individual.

The type of gold can be white or yellow, but it is better to have an 18 or even 14 carat gold necklace than the 22 or even 24 carat as purse gold is soft and will wear away faster.

14 and 18 carat gold is mixed or ‘alloyed’ with silver, copper and other metals, even platinum sometimes, and as a consequence is more durable and hard wearing. White gold, in addition, is often coated or plated in platinum or rhodium to make it whiter and protect it as those metals are particularly hard.

Of course the cost can be an issue, especially if there are diamonds involved. These can rocket the price up almost to infinity it seems, so care should be taken that they are quite suitable. If one is getting diamonds in a gold necklace also, one should also ensure that a certificate of authenticity accompanies the necklace. This would also apply to other gems, pearls and opals.

The man gold necklace can be quite attractive and add some color and even convey, with the right necklace, a sense of muscularity so ensure t you choose well!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gold Pocket Watch

A gold pocket watch, can cost anywhere from a few dollars up to many thousands of dollars depending on the quality, the antique value, the manufacturer and other factors such as the amount of gold and or jewellery involved.

Of course a solid gold 22 carat gold pocket watch encrusted with diamonds is going to be far more valuable than a 20 dollar thinly gold plated watch from china.

Choosing a gold pocket watch boils down to two things. How much money you can spend and what style or type you prefer.

Having decided on your budget you can then browse the watches within that range. Go for the best possible quality you can within your price range. The more gold you can get the better. Jewellery is not really necessary unless you particularly want it. Antique watches tend to preserve their value better and even increase with age if looked after well.

Look out for well know manufacturers. Someone like Bensons of London if you have plenty of money to spend. But you can get a fine gold pocket watch from Patek Philippe for around 5000 USD similar to the one pictured.

Ensure you select a reputable dealer who specializes in gold pocket watches and, if you decide to go to an auction, something like Sotheby’s is probably better in this particular instance than eBay.

If possible get a certificate that establishes the value of the watch as you will need this for insurance purposes or if you decide to sell one day.

A gold pocket watch can be a joy to own and use provided it is well looked after and treated with respect.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Man Gold Ring

What is man gold ring? This is basically a gold ring for men.

There is a wide variety of men’s gold rings from the very plain to the extremely ornate. Which ring you choose depends largely on your taste as well as your budget.

There are some guidelines to follow when selecting a ring to wear.

Firstly your budget will determine the rang of ring you have. Will it be just a small gold ring, or something a bit heavier? Will there be gems and diamonds encrusted and if so what size?

How much gold should be in the ring? A 14 or 18 carat gold ring, where the metal is mixed with other metals such as silver, bronze and copper for example, is fine as it is durable and more hard wearing. A 22 or 24 carat gold ring will be too soft and tend wear away quickly.

The stone or gem in the ring should be professionally set and not just glued in. A claw setting is better so that a jeweller can see the gem from underneath. Get an appraisal for the gem if it is a genuine one and is a diamond particularly.

A man gold ring can be an investment also if it is an antique ring as the ‘antiqueness’ of the ring will quite possibly enhance the value.

So if you want to spend money on a man gold ring it is probably better to invest it into the diamond or gem than the ring.

Monday, April 17, 2006

White Gold Diamond Ring

It is important when buying a white gold diamond ring to make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Firstly the ring itself. White gold is gold that has been mixed with other gold, such as platinum and copper, for example, in special proportions to create that characteristic white gold look. Actually white gold is somewhat gray or off white. It is usually covered in rhodium or sometimes platinum to give it that sparkling whiteness.

A 14 carat ring will have just over half the gold content with 18 carat around 80 percent gold. You don’t want a pure gold 24 carat ring (and could not get one in white gold anyway as it is not just gold) as that would be too soft for normal use and would wear away quickly gold being a soft metal.

Now with the diamond, this is usually the most expensive part. How much you spend of course depends on your budget but two months salary is a good benchmark for a white gold diamond ring and of that 90 percent of that will be for the Diamond.

The way to judge a diamond is by the 4 C’s

CUT. This describes the shape of the diamond. There are basically eight cuts of diamond. Examples are. Round Brilliant Emerald Cut Princess Cut Heart Cut Oval Cut Marquise Cut Pear Cut Round Brilliant.

The second is the COLOR. The color of diamonds are graded into 13 colors or tints.The whiter the better although some people prefer the tints available.

CLARITY is the next method of grading diamonds and describes the quality of the diamond as regards any imperfections it may have.

The last grading is CARAT WEIGHT. The weight of the diamond is perhaps the most important way of valuing them and is probably what is going to decide it for you.
Diamonds are weight in carats and there is usually a relationship between the carat weight and the cut of a diamond.

Always ensure you get a certificate of appraisal with a diamond. It is important not just for insurance pruposes but also in the event you wish to sell.

A white gold diamond ring is a joy to buy and possess provided you keep in mind the above guidelines and make your selection with care.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gold Diamond Ring

When you want to buy a gold diamond ring here are some useful pointers to keep in mind.

How much do you want to spend? The usual criteria for buying a gold diamond ring is how much can you afford? For an engagement ring two months salary is a good guideline. A similar amount might be ok for a wedding or other type of ring also.

Next it is a good idea to establish the type and style of ring that suits you and fits in with your price range. Perhaps one diamond setting or maybe two or three. There can be a large variation, especially the higher you go in price or value. With the diamond you have to consider the type of diamond you want. There are various settings and colors also, to choose from. The princess cut is very popular, Emerald is another and there is also some new designs available such as the New Da Vinci cut which set off a diamonds brilliance magnificently. The size is important and, along with the cut , clarity and color, determines the price of the diamond.

You should also ensure that the diamond or diamonds you have in the ring come with a certificate of authenticity. This is vitally important to establish not only the value of the diamond but the type, cut, weight and clarity and establishes what sort of diamond it is for insurance purposes and if ever you desire to resell sometime down the track.

The gold should be perhaps 18 carat or 14 carat and substantial enough to hold the diamond. A claw setting is better than a glue setting as this enables the appraiser to appraise a diamond properly and see a real diamond from a substitution (such as zirconia for example).

Rose gold or white gold are popular and can show off the diamond to in it’s best light.

Doing due diligence and shopping around before you buy is the best policy and that way you are likely to have a gold diamond ring you will be very proud of.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mans Gold Watch

A mans gold watch can look mighty impressive if the right style and type for the occasion and the man.

There are literally thousands of different types and styles and prices available in men’s watches from the extremely basic 10 dollar watches to Patek Philippe watches costing over 20 thousand dollars.

Your choice of watch usually then is normally a matter of how much you can afford or are prepared to spend.

Whether you are buying a watch for every day use or to wear on that special occasion it is important to ensure that you are getting what you paid for.

The step to buying a good watch are.

Decide how much you want to spend.

Check all the watches available in that price band. Look for the best name available in that price band

Check the ranges and styles available. What sort of watch do you favor? Do you want to war a gold band as well or a leather one? What suits the watch best? What sort of face do you prefer on the watch, round, square, Arabic numerals or roman? Do you prefer an ornate watch or something a bit simpler/

You don’t want a watch that is over 18carat gold as it will be too soft and the gold will wear away. 14 carat is fine and even 18 carat is ok.

Before you even buy a watch these questions can be asked. Then you will know exactly the sort of watch to look for.

It is possible to buy just the right watch, even several. Each one to suit a particular type of occasion.

A mans gold watch can be something to be proud of provided you have taken the time to select just the right watch and not gone for the first thing that catches your eye.

Friday, April 14, 2006

14k gold bracelet

A 14k gold bracelet can look very nice on one’s wrist provided it is a suitable style for the body and the fashions being worn.

A 14k gold bracelet is 58.3% gold. With the gold content just above half, the strength of 14K gold makes it ideal for crafting bracelets, with their high wear and tear.

There are literally thousands of 14K gold bracelets. One of the newer styles that has come into vogue is the Caribbean Hook Bracelet.

First made popular on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, it is worn to celebrate love and good fortune. Only recently have the other islands of the Caribbean decided to adopt the Hook Bracelet as their own signature bracelet also.

The Caribbean Hook Bracelet is worn to signify if your heart is currently with someone or if it is still available. With the Hook facing toward your heart, that signifies your heart is taken. If you wear the Hook away from your heart, then it means you are available.

The traditional horseshoe design was introduced 30 years ago to the Caribbean. Since then new island bracelet designs have been quickly taken up and have become extremely popular with the Islanders.

There are many other interesting designs and even traditions relating to bracelets and the 14K gold bracelet, with its many possible variations, is versatile to cater to virtually any taste.

Quite often you can find a jeweller who creates a ‘collection’ and it can be great fun collecting the pieces and the many different types of 14K gold bracelets available.

Blue Dolphin have an excellent range of 14K gold bracelets.

Even movie production houses have created jewelry collections, such as Warner Bros©, Disney© Jewelry by Krementz™, and Scooby Doo Jewellery by the 2002 Children's Television Workshop.

Whatever type, style and variety of 14K gold bracelet you like you are sure to have great fun wearing it!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

White Gold Promise Ring

A white gold promise ring is sort of like a pre engagement ring and favored by the very young mostly.

According to Wikipedia white gold promise ring:

“A promise ring or friendship ring is a small, inexpensive ring given to a boyfriend or girlfriend, to promise not to court a rival. These indicate merely that serious courting is under way. No permanent commitment has been made by either party, but they give the partners an excuse for refusing social invitations from others.”

White gold promise rings are usually about 10 carat gold and might have a small gem in, either a diamond or a zirconia if cost is an issue.

When buying a white gold promise ring do ensure that you are getting what you paid for. Make sure the ring actually matches the description as given in the advertising.

As there are so many different types of rings available you might want to take along the partner to help select the ring so that it is one they will be happy with.

It will need to fit comfortably on the finger (it can be worn on either the right or the left hand).

It should be well looked after and will need to be cleaned from time to time. Never use any chemicals on the ring as there are other metals besides gold in the ring and these may react with the chemicals. Warm soapy water is best. After washing it should be thoroughly dried before returning to the finger or being put away.

Selecting a white gold promise ring can be a happy and exciting time so do ensure that the right ring is selected so it is also a long lasting memorable time as well.

Australian Diamond and Natural Nugget Pendant

The Perth Mint, Australia has some stunning gold jewellery including this magnificent example of an Australian Diamond and Natural Nugget Pendant

Peer the Mint, “Natural nuggets are rarer than diamonds. Few nuggets have survived intact since the original gold rushes, having been melted for their gold value, and it is believed that most have already been discovered. Each nugget is unique and is valued as a geological marvel, as well as for its gold content.

The nugget was found in Australia and purchased by The Perth Mint directly from an Australian prospector.

This jewellery piece has been hand-made in Perth and is set in 18ct gold, stamped with the Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark and the numerals 750 as a guarantee of the purity of the setting. It comes in a green Perth Mint jewellery presentation case.”

This fine piece of jewellery is 1290 Australian dollars which amounts to just over 930 US dollars plus shipping.

The Perth Mint produces many fine and interesting jewellery pieces the value of which are likely to increase with age.

The Australian Diamond and Natural Nugget Pendant would certainly make an interesting conversation piece at any dinner table.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Antique Gold Wedding Ring

An antique gold wedding ring is more often than not a ring that has been bequeathed to you or just simply given to you but sometimes it can be a ring that you see in an antique shop or a jewellers

Probably one of the first things you will want to do is to get the ring appraised or valued. You want to know what type of gold it is and also what carat as well. Being an antique gold wedding ring it is likely to be a higher carat gold ring than is normally see in jewellery shops. These days gold rings are usually around 14 carat but an antique gold ring is more likely top be 22 or even 24 carat gold.

Then there may be stones set in the ring such as diamonds or other gems. These need to be appraised also as they can make a very big difference to the overall value of the ring. Again being an antique the stone, if any, are likely to be of good clarity and weight.

The best way to check this is by going to a reputable jeweller who is experienced in not only appraising gold but also diamonds or gems as well. If you do not have one you should get a certificate to show a description of the stone and the grade and also the carat of gold of the ring.

The next thing is to ensure that it fits well on the finger. Not too loose or too tight. It should be able to slip on or off the finger with some resistance around the mid knuckle.

Lastly it should be suitable as the wedding ring for you. There is nothing like wearing a ring that does not suit you and can look hideous regardless of the value.

If you are fortunate enough to get an antique gold wedding ring that fits the above requirements and has an appreciative value then it is a ring you will want to keep for a lifetime.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gold Cross Pendant

A gold cross pendant can range from a simple white gold cross to a diamond encrusted miniature ornate casting in solid gold of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

Some will have diamonds set in them or even pearls, opals and other gems such as rubies, or emeralds etc.

As this is most often worn for long periods it is wise to select one that is long wearing and durable. 14 or 10 carat gold would be the most suitable as the gold is alloyed with other metals to make it stronger. A 24 carat gold cross pendant would be far too soft and, as well as wearing away quickly, being such a delicate object, is likely to become distorted with such extensive use.

There are thousands of different styles and types to chose from and it can only be left up to you what type or style you feel is most suitable or appropriate both as a fashion accessory and as a religious symbol.

Cleaning such a delicate object requires some care and attention. Use only clean water and an old soft toothbrush to get any dirt particles out from the crevasses. Wash over a bowl, not the sink. You don’t want your valuable piece to en up down the plug hole. Make sure the piece is fully dry before you put it away or wear it again. Even though the cross may be gold the clasp may be other metal and you do not want it to tarnish or rust.

When you put it away ensure it is put separate from other jewellery, especially diamonds, as they can scratch the piece so easily.

So having a gold cross pendant can be a very good proclamation of faith provided it is well looked after and cared for.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gold Belly Ring

One of the more unusually forms of gold jewellery gaining popularity is the gold belly ring.

Like many of the new wave of jewelry where rings and other metal is inserted in various parts of people s anatomy the gold belly ring, when done with taste and style, can be quite beautiful.

There are hundreds of types and these can include actual rings, dangly bits and simple insets.

These can be made of gold, either white yellow or even rose gold, and include diamonds, pearls or even opals.

Usually the gold would be 14 carat gold. Pure 24 carat gold would be too soft and would eventually wear away as it is likely that once inserted the gold belly ring would not be removed very much. 14 carat gold is just over half gold with the rest being mostly silver , copper, bronze and sometimes zinc so the ring will be more hard wearing and durable. If course it should be well cared for and will need regular cleaning as body sweat can affect the metals involved and possible even the setting if there is a stone set in the ring.

Warm soapy water should be used to wash the ring and it should be very well rinsed afterwards and allowed to dry completely before being put away or worn again.

A well looked after tastefully designed gold body ring worn with pride will most certainly give an attractive quality to and enhance the body to which it is attached.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Black Hills Gold Ring

A black hills gold ring is very pretty and can be very ornate.

As per law in the US any black hills gold jewellery must be manufactured in the Black hills of Dakota, US.

If you wish to buy Black hills gold ensure that it is manufactured in the Black hills and not elsewhere.

The Black hills are so called because of the dark forests that cover the hills outside of Dakota. Gold was prospected there when a French master goldsmith came to the black hills to prospect for gold.

He was apparently the first to create the pale green, rose and bright yellow gold with a mixture of alloys such as silver, copper and bronze. Very characteristic are the vine leave and grapes depicting the wine regions of the area embodied in the jewellery and he is said to have created the Black hills gold jewellery.

Black hills gold rings should be either 14 or 10 carat gold and finely worked. Often a filigree is done with lattice work and jewellery that could also be described as ornate, with a mixture of the different colors of gold contained therein.

A black hills gold ring is usually a work of art. Doing due diligence to ensure that the ring you have purchased is indeed a black hills gold ring will be worth while and the ring will likely give you years of pleasure.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gold Earrings

When buying gold earrings it is a good idea to keep the following in mind.

Gold earrings that are not pure gold might tarnish and this can affect the ears. Always ensure you keep the earrings clean by washing them gently in soaping water over a basin (not over the sink as you don’t want them to disappear down the plug hole!) and rinse them well afterwards. You do not want any soapy residue to get in the fitting or the clasp or anything that touches the ear as they might also cause a reaction or react to sensitive skin.

Ensure they are full dry also before putting them on or even putting them away.

Of course gold earrings will last longer if they are not worn all the time.

It is good, like with many other things, to have several so that you can interchange them and they will last much longer as a result.

It is also better to get gold earrings that are say 14 or 10 carat as they are more durable and harder than pure gold, 22 carat, since they have been mixed with harder metals such as silver and bronze for example.

The size and type of earrings are an important factor also and these should be selected not just with a fashion sense but also suitability for the ear to hold for long periods of time.

Check with your dealer or seller that the earrings are what is stated they are.

Ensure, if they are particularly valuable say with a diamond or other gem included, that you have a guarantee that the gem is also what is stated by the dealer. You may even need an appraisal of the stone and to ensure that the setting that holds the stone is adequate and fit for the purpose so the stone does not get lost.

Keeping the above in mind, buying gold earrings can be a safe and rewarding experience with earrings that give great satisfaction.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Gold Wedding Ring

A gold wedding ring undergoes a lot of use and is normally rarely removed so needs to be hard wearing and durable.

When selecting a gold wedding ring therefore the following guidelines will help to ensure the right ring is bought.

For a jewellery piece such as a ring 24 or even 22 carat gold would be too soft and would eventually wear away. You need a ring that has been mixed or alloyed with other stronger metals such as silver, bronze, zinc and so forth. This increases the hardness and durability of the ring. 14 carat is a good benchmark for rings. A 14 carat ring would consist of around 54 percent gold and the balance of silver, copper, bronze and zinc.

The type of gold is important too. There is. Of course the standard yellow gold, but one can also get white and rose or pink gold, this is achieve by changing the mixture of other metals. In the case of white gold platinum is often added and the ring is then plated in rhodium or platinum to give it that shine.

Then there is the design of the ring. It can be a simple band or patterned and even encrusted with diamonds or other precious gems. All this will make a difference to the price of course. Remember you get what you pay for and conversely you pay for what you get so your budget will feature in your choice of ring.

An acceptable measure is about two months salary for a wedding ring but this may or may not be affordable.

Probably the best measure is when both parties agree on the ring chosen as it is a symbol of a lifetime agreement .

Provided one does sensible due diligence and there is agreement all round then purchasing the right gold wedding ring will be a pleasurable and exciting experience with long lasting memories.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cleaning Gold

Cleaning gold is often not given much thought but it is important that you do give some thought and time to cleaning your gold. Especially gold jewellery.

Here are some guidelines therefore that will help to ensure that you keep yourgold jewellery sparkling and pristine clean.

Most gold jewellery is not pure, which is to say it is not 24 carat, but usually 22 or 14 or even 9 carat. This means that the gold has been mixed with other metals such as silver, copper etc.

As a result, many of the substances we use these days have chemicals in that are not suitable for gold or even the metals gold is mixed with.

Hairspray, shaving creams perfume even, make up and other substances we put on our bodies. Take off the gold jewellery before applying these substances and it is advisable not to wear one’s jewellery 24 hours a day but let it ‘rest’ for a while.

Do not use chlorine or other bleaches to clean gold (also do not wear gold in a swimming pool). Chlorine will oxidize the metal and turn in black.

To clean your gold use soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Old toothbrushes are ideal for this. After cleaning ensure the piece is thoroughly rinsed so there are no cloggy soapy bits left behind. Also ensure the jewellery is completely dry before you store it. Any moisture can cause weakness in clasps and spring, sometimes these are not made of gold and can even rust or oxidize.

Lastly each piece should be stored separately not with others to avoid scratching. Especially if there are diamonds as they can certainly scratch rings and gold which is a soft metal.

Following the above guidelines for cleaning gold will ensure that your gold jewellery will be long lasting and remain pristine in its condition.

White Gold Necklace

Gold necklaces are traditional but how about a white gold necklace for a change?

A white gold necklace can look quite striking especially with the right clothes and some food fashion sense.

White gold is simply gold that has been mixed with other metals such as platinum, palladium and silver. To produce that white gold effect. Often it is coated or plated in Rhodium or Platinum to enhance the white sparkle and shine.

Most of the time it is 14 carat which means just over half the content is gold and the balance will be the other metals(s). this also increases the hardness and therefore durability of the necklace.

A necklace should also be large enough to fit comfortably but not too long that it catches on something when moving around or bending down. It should also be adjustable as sometime one might want to wear a shorter necklace that fits around the neck rather than on the top of the chest. This depends largely on the body build and also on the cloths being warn. If you are wearing a high neckline then a shorter necklace would be the order of the day. A deeper V line or neckline might encourage a longer necklace.

Either way it is important to get some versatility if possible on one’s necklaces.

Ensure you pick a reputable jeweller who is prepared to assist you pick the right white gold necklace for you

Wearing a white gold necklace can be very pleasurable provided you follow the guidelines able and practice some due diligence when you buy it.