Friday, June 09, 2006

Gold Nugget Ring

A gold nugget ring is simply a gold ring that has either a nugget set in or on it or a nugget contained within a container set in or on the ring.

Although the ring may be of a lesser karat, such as 14 or 18 karat, the nugget, to be considered genuine, should be 24 karat or very close to.

There is no such thing as real pure 100 percent gold. There are always impurities so the term 99.99 percent pure is used. 24karat gold is considered 99.99 percent pure gold.

Mostly the nuggets are soldered to the ring so you do need to ensure that they are soldered correctly and not likely to come away at some later stage.

It is important that gold nugget rings are treated with care also so the solder domes not corrode or decay. This can happen if say, for example, bleach is used to clean the ring. The bleach can oxidize many metals including that which is use to solder or weld two metals together. In addition if the ring itself is only 14 or 18 carat, this means there are other metals mixed in with the gold and these can be affected by the bleach also.

A gold nugget ring should be gently cleaned over a big bowl with warm soapy water, rinsed really well to remove any soapy residue and completely dried with a gentle blower to remove all moisture.

Some of the gold nugget rings can look really fantastic and can also be quite expensive. It pays to be patient and shop around to find the ring that really appeals to you and is within your budget. Some rings might have more than one nugget contained therein and these can be really tiny. Look at what the weight of the gold is.

Ensure you find out what the karat of the ring is also so you can find out what gold is contained. A 14 karat ring is usually just over fifty percent gold with some silver, nickel and other metals to increase durability so the ring will tend to last well.

The gold nuggets, being pure gold are softer and more malleable so ensure you maintain your gold nugget ring well to keep it in good condition and it will last you for many years.

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