Saturday, June 03, 2006

Man White Gold Bracelet

A man white gold bracelet can be either very slim or very chunky. The type depends very much on the build of the person and the preferred style.

White gold is gold that has been mixed or alloyed with other metals such as platinum and silver to create the white gold effect. It is often coated in rhodium also to protect it and give it some more durability.

However it is still important to ensure it is looked after well.

A white gold bracelet should not be worn for long periods of time, lose jewellery can catch on external objects and be damaged. Especially clasps and settings for stones.

When not in use it should be stored individually and not jumbled up together as it is still subject to damage and being scratched. Especially if there are diamonds or other gems in the bracelet

A white gold bracelet should be cleaned in warm soapy water and rinsed well to clear away any soapy residue clinging in the clasps or stone settings. The it should be thoroughly dried to remove any water as, being alloyed with other metals, can tarnish and even oxidize.

There is an endless variety of men’s white gold bracelets. It is important to ensure that you get the genuine article and what is described in the promotion or advertising or on display.

The style and design you pick for a man white gold bracelet is very subjective and will depend on your taste and budget but provided you keep in mind the points above you are sure to have and own a very satisfactory man white gold bracelet

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