Monday, April 17, 2006

White Gold Diamond Ring

It is important when buying a white gold diamond ring to make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Firstly the ring itself. White gold is gold that has been mixed with other gold, such as platinum and copper, for example, in special proportions to create that characteristic white gold look. Actually white gold is somewhat gray or off white. It is usually covered in rhodium or sometimes platinum to give it that sparkling whiteness.

A 14 carat ring will have just over half the gold content with 18 carat around 80 percent gold. You don’t want a pure gold 24 carat ring (and could not get one in white gold anyway as it is not just gold) as that would be too soft for normal use and would wear away quickly gold being a soft metal.

Now with the diamond, this is usually the most expensive part. How much you spend of course depends on your budget but two months salary is a good benchmark for a white gold diamond ring and of that 90 percent of that will be for the Diamond.

The way to judge a diamond is by the 4 C’s

CUT. This describes the shape of the diamond. There are basically eight cuts of diamond. Examples are. Round Brilliant Emerald Cut Princess Cut Heart Cut Oval Cut Marquise Cut Pear Cut Round Brilliant.

The second is the COLOR. The color of diamonds are graded into 13 colors or tints.The whiter the better although some people prefer the tints available.

CLARITY is the next method of grading diamonds and describes the quality of the diamond as regards any imperfections it may have.

The last grading is CARAT WEIGHT. The weight of the diamond is perhaps the most important way of valuing them and is probably what is going to decide it for you.
Diamonds are weight in carats and there is usually a relationship between the carat weight and the cut of a diamond.

Always ensure you get a certificate of appraisal with a diamond. It is important not just for insurance pruposes but also in the event you wish to sell.

A white gold diamond ring is a joy to buy and possess provided you keep in mind the above guidelines and make your selection with care.

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