Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gold Belly Ring

One of the more unusually forms of gold jewellery gaining popularity is the gold belly ring.

Like many of the new wave of jewelry where rings and other metal is inserted in various parts of people s anatomy the gold belly ring, when done with taste and style, can be quite beautiful.

There are hundreds of types and these can include actual rings, dangly bits and simple insets.

These can be made of gold, either white yellow or even rose gold, and include diamonds, pearls or even opals.

Usually the gold would be 14 carat gold. Pure 24 carat gold would be too soft and would eventually wear away as it is likely that once inserted the gold belly ring would not be removed very much. 14 carat gold is just over half gold with the rest being mostly silver , copper, bronze and sometimes zinc so the ring will be more hard wearing and durable. If course it should be well cared for and will need regular cleaning as body sweat can affect the metals involved and possible even the setting if there is a stone set in the ring.

Warm soapy water should be used to wash the ring and it should be very well rinsed afterwards and allowed to dry completely before being put away or worn again.

A well looked after tastefully designed gold body ring worn with pride will most certainly give an attractive quality to and enhance the body to which it is attached.

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