Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mother’s Day Gold Jewellery

Now is a great time to look around for Mother’s Day gold jewellery. There is a great range of gold karat jewellery to choose from as well as types and styles of gold jewellery for mum.

Of course one wants to get something that is suitable and will be appreciated. Firstly decide on your budget. Then you can afford to look around in that range.

Solid gold jewellery is much better than plated gold jewellery as it will last longer and the colour will not wear away.

14 carat gold is usually best as it is gold that has been specifically alloyed or mixed with other harder metals such as silver and platinum. 14 karat gold jewellery will be more hard wearing and durable as a result. Pure gold is soft and wears away easily. Keep this in mind when shopping for gold jewellery.

If a gold jewellery piece is going to be worn often and it is a bracelet or ring (wrists and hands are high wear areas) then a lower gold Karat is more practical. If the gold jewellery piece is a special piece that will only be worn on special occasions or in a low contact area such as a brooch or pendant, then a high karat gold jewellery piece is a special gift.

Choose the type of jewellery you feel is most appropriate. A gold pendant, gold earrings, a gold brooch or perhaps even a gold ring might be suitable.

Then there is the style. This would depend on what your mother likes. A quick scout around in her jewelry box or taking note of what jewelry she likes to wear will give a clue.

Getting the gold jewellery piece engraved adds that special personal touch to show your love.

If your budget is modest then instead of a larger but cheap looking piece, a very small but quality piece of jewellery would be the way to go.

Whatever Mother’s Day gold jewellery you decide to give, a nice presentation box for the gold piece will give her great pleasure and will be kept for years.

Gold jewellery is a great way to say you care on Mother's Day.

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