Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gold Diamond Ring

When you want to buy a gold diamond ring here are some useful pointers to keep in mind.

How much do you want to spend? The usual criteria for buying a gold diamond ring is how much can you afford? For an engagement ring two months salary is a good guideline. A similar amount might be ok for a wedding or other type of ring also.

Next it is a good idea to establish the type and style of ring that suits you and fits in with your price range. Perhaps one diamond setting or maybe two or three. There can be a large variation, especially the higher you go in price or value. With the diamond you have to consider the type of diamond you want. There are various settings and colors also, to choose from. The princess cut is very popular, Emerald is another and there is also some new designs available such as the New Da Vinci cut which set off a diamonds brilliance magnificently. The size is important and, along with the cut , clarity and color, determines the price of the diamond.

You should also ensure that the diamond or diamonds you have in the ring come with a certificate of authenticity. This is vitally important to establish not only the value of the diamond but the type, cut, weight and clarity and establishes what sort of diamond it is for insurance purposes and if ever you desire to resell sometime down the track.

The gold should be perhaps 18 carat or 14 carat and substantial enough to hold the diamond. A claw setting is better than a glue setting as this enables the appraiser to appraise a diamond properly and see a real diamond from a substitution (such as zirconia for example).

Rose gold or white gold are popular and can show off the diamond to in it’s best light.

Doing due diligence and shopping around before you buy is the best policy and that way you are likely to have a gold diamond ring you will be very proud of.

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