Sunday, April 23, 2006

Man Gold Necklace

A man gold necklace is not unusual. Men have been wearing gold necklaces for hundreds of years.

One could almost call the gold chain a mayor of a city a gold necklace. But a true gold necklace for a man is usually something less chunky of course!

If you are choosing a gold necklace for a man you do need to consider some points.

The necklace must firstly suit the individual. It may be that a thin necklace with perhaps a small diamond may be suitable. Or more ‘chunky’ sold gold necklace may be more appealing. It will depend on the build, the character and the taste of course of the individual.

The type of gold can be white or yellow, but it is better to have an 18 or even 14 carat gold necklace than the 22 or even 24 carat as purse gold is soft and will wear away faster.

14 and 18 carat gold is mixed or ‘alloyed’ with silver, copper and other metals, even platinum sometimes, and as a consequence is more durable and hard wearing. White gold, in addition, is often coated or plated in platinum or rhodium to make it whiter and protect it as those metals are particularly hard.

Of course the cost can be an issue, especially if there are diamonds involved. These can rocket the price up almost to infinity it seems, so care should be taken that they are quite suitable. If one is getting diamonds in a gold necklace also, one should also ensure that a certificate of authenticity accompanies the necklace. This would also apply to other gems, pearls and opals.

The man gold necklace can be quite attractive and add some color and even convey, with the right necklace, a sense of muscularity so ensure t you choose well!

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