Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gold Pocket Watch

A gold pocket watch, can cost anywhere from a few dollars up to many thousands of dollars depending on the quality, the antique value, the manufacturer and other factors such as the amount of gold and or jewellery involved.

Of course a solid gold 22 carat gold pocket watch encrusted with diamonds is going to be far more valuable than a 20 dollar thinly gold plated watch from china.

Choosing a gold pocket watch boils down to two things. How much money you can spend and what style or type you prefer.

Having decided on your budget you can then browse the watches within that range. Go for the best possible quality you can within your price range. The more gold you can get the better. Jewellery is not really necessary unless you particularly want it. Antique watches tend to preserve their value better and even increase with age if looked after well.

Look out for well know manufacturers. Someone like Bensons of London if you have plenty of money to spend. But you can get a fine gold pocket watch from Patek Philippe for around 5000 USD similar to the one pictured.

Ensure you select a reputable dealer who specializes in gold pocket watches and, if you decide to go to an auction, something like Sotheby’s is probably better in this particular instance than eBay.

If possible get a certificate that establishes the value of the watch as you will need this for insurance purposes or if you decide to sell one day.

A gold pocket watch can be a joy to own and use provided it is well looked after and treated with respect.

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