Monday, April 24, 2006

14k Gold Necklace

14k gold necklace can be suitable for both men and women.

Sometimes people like to wear a 22 or even pure gold, 24 carat gold necklace. The only problem with that is that gold is soft and will wear away easily. By mixing or ‘alloying’ the metal with other metals such as silver, platinum and copper, which are harder metals, the gold will last longer and be more durable.

Most gold for jewellery therefore is around 14 carats which is about 55 percent gold.

This should also be taken into account when it comes to the cost and value of a gold necklace.

Actually how much gold are you paying for.,?

But of course a 14k gold necklace is not bought for an investment but as a decoration, or because it looks really nice or one likes to wear gold necklaces or even as a fashion statement.

The price becomes academic therefore and the attention is more on the style and type of necklace to suite ones taste and interest.

One of the important points to watch for when buying a 14k gold necklace is the clasp. Is it strong enough? Some clasps are made out of other metal to give it a bit more strength. It should be securely made and attached to the necklace firmly and open and close with a little effort required. Too easy and it could be jogged open and one could lose the necklace. Too tight and it could break with the r=effort of trying to open or close it.

Also storing a gold necklace properly is important. Many a time I have had to unscramble a gold necklace because it has been just plonked down and then tends to scrunch up. It should be laid out , preferably in a long box and kept separate from, other jewellery as gold, of course, can be scratched. Storing a gold necklace with diamonds is just asking for it to be scratched.

Just following the few simple points above can ensure that your 14k gold necklace lasts for a long time and gives you please in the time that you own it.

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