Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Man Gold Ring

What is man gold ring? This is basically a gold ring for men.

There is a wide variety of men’s gold rings from the very plain to the extremely ornate. Which ring you choose depends largely on your taste as well as your budget.

There are some guidelines to follow when selecting a ring to wear.

Firstly your budget will determine the rang of ring you have. Will it be just a small gold ring, or something a bit heavier? Will there be gems and diamonds encrusted and if so what size?

How much gold should be in the ring? A 14 or 18 carat gold ring, where the metal is mixed with other metals such as silver, bronze and copper for example, is fine as it is durable and more hard wearing. A 22 or 24 carat gold ring will be too soft and tend wear away quickly.

The stone or gem in the ring should be professionally set and not just glued in. A claw setting is better so that a jeweller can see the gem from underneath. Get an appraisal for the gem if it is a genuine one and is a diamond particularly.

A man gold ring can be an investment also if it is an antique ring as the ‘antiqueness’ of the ring will quite possibly enhance the value.

So if you want to spend money on a man gold ring it is probably better to invest it into the diamond or gem than the ring.

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