Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gold Earrings

When buying gold earrings it is a good idea to keep the following in mind.

Gold earrings that are not pure gold might tarnish and this can affect the ears. Always ensure you keep the earrings clean by washing them gently in soaping water over a basin (not over the sink as you don’t want them to disappear down the plug hole!) and rinse them well afterwards. You do not want any soapy residue to get in the fitting or the clasp or anything that touches the ear as they might also cause a reaction or react to sensitive skin.

Ensure they are full dry also before putting them on or even putting them away.

Of course gold earrings will last longer if they are not worn all the time.

It is good, like with many other things, to have several so that you can interchange them and they will last much longer as a result.

It is also better to get gold earrings that are say 14 or 10 carat as they are more durable and harder than pure gold, 22 carat, since they have been mixed with harder metals such as silver and bronze for example.

The size and type of earrings are an important factor also and these should be selected not just with a fashion sense but also suitability for the ear to hold for long periods of time.

Check with your dealer or seller that the earrings are what is stated they are.

Ensure, if they are particularly valuable say with a diamond or other gem included, that you have a guarantee that the gem is also what is stated by the dealer. You may even need an appraisal of the stone and to ensure that the setting that holds the stone is adequate and fit for the purpose so the stone does not get lost.

Keeping the above in mind, buying gold earrings can be a safe and rewarding experience with earrings that give great satisfaction.

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