Monday, April 03, 2006

Gold Wedding Ring

A gold wedding ring undergoes a lot of use and is normally rarely removed so needs to be hard wearing and durable.

When selecting a gold wedding ring therefore the following guidelines will help to ensure the right ring is bought.

For a jewellery piece such as a ring 24 or even 22 carat gold would be too soft and would eventually wear away. You need a ring that has been mixed or alloyed with other stronger metals such as silver, bronze, zinc and so forth. This increases the hardness and durability of the ring. 14 carat is a good benchmark for rings. A 14 carat ring would consist of around 54 percent gold and the balance of silver, copper, bronze and zinc.

The type of gold is important too. There is. Of course the standard yellow gold, but one can also get white and rose or pink gold, this is achieve by changing the mixture of other metals. In the case of white gold platinum is often added and the ring is then plated in rhodium or platinum to give it that shine.

Then there is the design of the ring. It can be a simple band or patterned and even encrusted with diamonds or other precious gems. All this will make a difference to the price of course. Remember you get what you pay for and conversely you pay for what you get so your budget will feature in your choice of ring.

An acceptable measure is about two months salary for a wedding ring but this may or may not be affordable.

Probably the best measure is when both parties agree on the ring chosen as it is a symbol of a lifetime agreement .

Provided one does sensible due diligence and there is agreement all round then purchasing the right gold wedding ring will be a pleasurable and exciting experience with long lasting memories.

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