Friday, April 14, 2006

14k gold bracelet

A 14k gold bracelet can look very nice on one’s wrist provided it is a suitable style for the body and the fashions being worn.

A 14k gold bracelet is 58.3% gold. With the gold content just above half, the strength of 14K gold makes it ideal for crafting bracelets, with their high wear and tear.

There are literally thousands of 14K gold bracelets. One of the newer styles that has come into vogue is the Caribbean Hook Bracelet.

First made popular on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, it is worn to celebrate love and good fortune. Only recently have the other islands of the Caribbean decided to adopt the Hook Bracelet as their own signature bracelet also.

The Caribbean Hook Bracelet is worn to signify if your heart is currently with someone or if it is still available. With the Hook facing toward your heart, that signifies your heart is taken. If you wear the Hook away from your heart, then it means you are available.

The traditional horseshoe design was introduced 30 years ago to the Caribbean. Since then new island bracelet designs have been quickly taken up and have become extremely popular with the Islanders.

There are many other interesting designs and even traditions relating to bracelets and the 14K gold bracelet, with its many possible variations, is versatile to cater to virtually any taste.

Quite often you can find a jeweller who creates a ‘collection’ and it can be great fun collecting the pieces and the many different types of 14K gold bracelets available.

Blue Dolphin have an excellent range of 14K gold bracelets.

Even movie production houses have created jewelry collections, such as Warner Bros©, Disney© Jewelry by Krementz™, and Scooby Doo Jewellery by the 2002 Children's Television Workshop.

Whatever type, style and variety of 14K gold bracelet you like you are sure to have great fun wearing it!

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