Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Black Hills Gold Ring

A black hills gold ring is very pretty and can be very ornate.

As per law in the US any black hills gold jewellery must be manufactured in the Black hills of Dakota, US.

If you wish to buy Black hills gold ensure that it is manufactured in the Black hills and not elsewhere.

The Black hills are so called because of the dark forests that cover the hills outside of Dakota. Gold was prospected there when a French master goldsmith came to the black hills to prospect for gold.

He was apparently the first to create the pale green, rose and bright yellow gold with a mixture of alloys such as silver, copper and bronze. Very characteristic are the vine leave and grapes depicting the wine regions of the area embodied in the jewellery and he is said to have created the Black hills gold jewellery.

Black hills gold rings should be either 14 or 10 carat gold and finely worked. Often a filigree is done with lattice work and jewellery that could also be described as ornate, with a mixture of the different colors of gold contained therein.

A black hills gold ring is usually a work of art. Doing due diligence to ensure that the ring you have purchased is indeed a black hills gold ring will be worth while and the ring will likely give you years of pleasure.

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