Thursday, April 13, 2006

Australian Diamond and Natural Nugget Pendant

The Perth Mint, Australia has some stunning gold jewellery including this magnificent example of an Australian Diamond and Natural Nugget Pendant

Peer the Mint, “Natural nuggets are rarer than diamonds. Few nuggets have survived intact since the original gold rushes, having been melted for their gold value, and it is believed that most have already been discovered. Each nugget is unique and is valued as a geological marvel, as well as for its gold content.

The nugget was found in Australia and purchased by The Perth Mint directly from an Australian prospector.

This jewellery piece has been hand-made in Perth and is set in 18ct gold, stamped with the Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark and the numerals 750 as a guarantee of the purity of the setting. It comes in a green Perth Mint jewellery presentation case.”

This fine piece of jewellery is 1290 Australian dollars which amounts to just over 930 US dollars plus shipping.

The Perth Mint produces many fine and interesting jewellery pieces the value of which are likely to increase with age.

The Australian Diamond and Natural Nugget Pendant would certainly make an interesting conversation piece at any dinner table.

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