Thursday, March 30, 2006

White Gold Wedding Ring

A white gold wedding ring should be chosen with care. This is a ring that is supposed to last a very long time and so needs to be durable and retain its splendor for many years.

There are some guidelines that will help to ensure that the white gold wedding ring purchased will provide a lifetime of pleasure.

The first step is to work out what your budget will be as the price of rings can vary considerably. You want a quality ring but do not want to pay the earth for it. In most cases two months salary is a good benchmark to start from in considering the price range of a ring. A wedding ring can also have diamonds as well and does not just have to be a band so that can up the price somewhat as well.

The type of ring can make a big difference, whether a chunky looking ring or something much slimmer will depend on the type of style you prefer and the type of hands one has also.

A white gold wedding ring should be hard wearing and long lasting so 24 carat gold is quite unsuitable as gold is too soft a metal for constant use. It will tend to wear away and reduce in size. White gold is, in fact, gold that has been alloyed or mixed with other metals such as silver or copper in particular proportions to give that white gold effect. However its appearance is an off white color so white gold is usually coated or plated with platinum or rhodium to give that extra white shine and to increase the durability of the ring.

Ensure that when you select the ring that you get a good carat such as 14 or 18 carat. You want a guarantee from the jeweller for this and to be able to return the ring if it is found not to be as described.

Following the above guidelines will help when buying a white gold wedding ring that will give years of pleasure and happiness.

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