Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cheap Gold Jewellery

Of course cheap gold jewellery is easy to by, principally because it is cheap, but should you buy cheap gold jewellery?

It is an old maxim that “you get what you pay for”, and this applies just as much on the gold jewellery business as in anything else.

Buying cheap gold jewellery means that the gold will be of poor quality, perhaps less than 9 carats. It may well be gold plate or gold plated but the amount of gold used to ‘plate’ the piece will be so thin that to even look at it is likely to make it vanish!

The clasp or the setting is likely to be so poorly done that it breaks or will not open or is just a poor fit. The ‘gems’, and I use that word loosely, are likely to be synthetic or even glass or, god forbid plastic! They would be pasted in with a cheap glue and certainly claws would not be used to hold the gems in place. Primarily of course they would be cheap!

One does not have to go out and purchase gold jewellery from Tiffanies or Cartier to show that one has taste (and plenty of money!) in gold jewellery. But, by the same token, buying jewellery that is from a discount house at ‘half price!’, or from a cheap department store is also not going to make you the talk of the town.

Buying any gold jewellery means that one selects the dealer or jeweller with care, that one selects a piece that one can afford, even if it means buying something small rather than an enormous diamond rock. And that one gets a certificate of authenticity to show the value and specifications of the piece.

In addition cheap gold jewellery does not last, however pretty it might be, soon rather than later it is going to break or wear out whereas a fine piece of gold jewellery will last for a lifetime and may even appreciate in value!

So when considering what gold jewellery to buy keep your distance when it comes to cheap gold jewellery.

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