Thursday, March 23, 2006

Man Gold Bracelet

What is a man gold bracelet? It is a bracelet for a man of course.

Not many men wear gold bracelets. Some men have the perception that it is too effeminate. In actual fact a nice gold bracelet on a man not only can look quite striking but also can be a n excellent investment for the future.

When buying gold bracelets for men a number of considerations need to be looked at. The type of man would be the first consideration. Would a gold bracelet suit that individual and if so what type of bracelet would look the best.

It is up to the man of course. Buying a gold bracelet for a man is like buying a gold ring for a woman. How do you know they like that style, type of gold and pattern?

I would suggest you drag that man out and have him with you when you buy him that gold bracelet you have been eyeing for sometime.

Another consideration is what sort of gold should you get? 24 carat pure gold would not be practical as the gold is too soft and malleable. Better get an 18 carat as the gold in a lesser carat is alloyed with harder metals such as silver, zinc copper and bronze and that makes it more hard wearing.

Should you get a chunky bracelet or something quite delicate. Again it is a matter of choice but a chunky bracelet on a slim build would tend to look out of place whiles a delicate gold bracelet on a person of heavy build would hardly be noticed at all.

So it is just as important for a man to wear an appropriate gold bracelet as it is for a woman to wear an appropriate ring or necklace. A Man gold bracelet means then exactly as it states. A bracelet for a man!

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