Monday, March 20, 2006

Gold Bracelet

A well designed gold bracelet is wonderful to see and can be very striking and catch the eye well.

Gold bracelets come in many diverse styles and types of. Some are very thick and ‘chunky’ while others are small and delicate.

Of course all of them contain gold and the amount of gold is not only dependent on the type and style of the gold bracelet but also the carat weight as well.

Gold, being a soft metal, can wear away quite alarmingly if worn as a solid gold object of 24 carats. This is why gold bracelets, as well as other gold jewellery, usually comes with less gold and a carat weight of 22 down to 9 carat gold.

The popular weights are 22, 18, 12 and 9 carat. The smaller the carat the more long lasting and hard wearing the gold bracelet is. This is because the gold is alloyed with a harder metal to increase it’s durability.

Silver, copper, zinc and bronze are popular metals which are mixed or alloyed with the gold to increase its hardness.

Sometimes a person may get a reaction to wearing a gold bracelet. This would not necessarily be the gold but may be one of the other metals which the gold is alloyed to. The person should try wearing alternatively a silver, zinc or bronze on the body to see what is causing the reaction and then ensure they buy gold bracelets that do not contain that metal. This is possible by having gold bracelets specially made up for one.

A gold bracelet should suit the individual who is wearing it. A thin gold bracelet would more likely suit a short thin person whereas a chunky on would look better on a bigger ‘chunkier’ person.

Of course it is all a matter of taste and there are exceptions. Provided you like and enjoy wearing gold bracelets of your choosing it really does not matter what type or style you wear.

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