Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gold Engagement Ring

A gold engagement ring is essentially composed of two parts. A diamond and a setting which is usually of gold, either yellow or white but can, on rare occasions, be green or rose gold.

Probably the first criteria for buying the gold engagement ring is, ‘how much should I spend?’

This is an emotional purchase but you still one need a clear head to ensure that what you buy is:

a) within you budget and
b) that the gold engagement ring is what it is advertised to be and carried\s a certificate of authenticity for the diamond and a guarantee for the setting. and
c) you ensure you get value for money spent

Having got that established the next thing is, ‘what type of gold engagement ring will she love?

There are a variety of settings available including a solitary diamond or one larger diamond with smaller ones surrounding and setting of the center stone. If you are purchasing in secret for a presentation and proposal at the right time, perhaps some discreet inquiries to see what sort of ring she would like would be prudent. And not forgetting the ring size. If you are going together then it is simply a matter of applying a, b and c above and within those guidelines selecting the ring she likes the best.

Picking the right jeweller can make all the difference also. The better class and quality jeweller you can afford is best. At the least the jeweller should be prepared to spend some time with you assisting to pick the right ring and to provide information about the diamond an setting and also the requisite certificates upon purchase.

It is most unwise to buy a diamond sight unseen. Always ensure you see a diamond for yourself in natural light and get an independent appraisal if you can.

The setting should also be of a gold that is strong and durable. This means getting say a 14 or 18 carat ring and not a 24 or even 22 carat ring as it will be too soft and will not last as long. In a 14 and 18 carat ring the gold is alloyed with a strong metal such as copper or bronze to provide longer wear over time.

Following the above guidelines will help to ensure that a gold engagement ring is bought that is satisfactory to the future bride and will last for a lifetime.

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