Saturday, March 25, 2006

Black Hills Gold Jewellery

Black hills gold jewellery is a style of jewellery reputedly created by a French goldsmith by the name of Henri Le Beauold.

In fact black hills gold jewellery is that jewellery made and manufactured in the Black Hills of Dakota.

The mountains originally got the name from the forested slops which appeared almost black from a distance form those approaching in the 1800s. Mainly white settlers railroad companies and Native Americans.

Gold was discovered in ‘them thar hills’ around 1874 by Horatio N. Ross and is still mined even to this day. There is even a song about the “Black Hills of Dakota.”.

Black hills gold jewellery is distinctive and could be considered somewhat more ornate and colourful with a tendency to leaves, grape clusters and vine decorations. But the main criteria is that it must have and should have been made in the black hills to qualify as black hills gold jewellery.

Black hills gold jewellery Is also often composed of three color gold. Yellow, white and rose. The various colors are achieved by the mix of gold with other metals to make it harder and more durable but also to create the enchanting and characteristic style so well known as black hills gold jewellery

There are many companies these days that make Black hills gold jewellery but by law all Black hills gold jewellery must be from Black hills gold.

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