Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gold Pendant

Gold pendants have been used since times immemorial. In fact a 6500 year old gold pendant was only recently found in a field in Greece and was probably used for religious purposes in the Neolithic period.

Gold pendants have been used by Royalty and in fact still are. Elizabeth Taylor is known for the head Pendant she wore as Cleopatra.

Most people wear pendants around the neck however and these are chosen for their enhancement value as well as for the decorative value of the piece itself.

Of course there are thousands of different pendants and designs, some famous some more home grown but all serve the same purpose which is to beautify the body.

Although it would be nice to wear pure gold as pendants it would not be practical since gold is a relatively soft metal and would wear away too quickly. Therefore one should get 18 carat gold as opposed to the pure 24 carat. The 18 carat is moved with copper silver zinc and bronze usually and this increases its hardness and durability and it will last longer thereby.

Gold Pendants are bought for pleasure, not for investment as they really have little return value. Selling jewellery will only return 25 or 33 percent of the value at best. For investment purposes one should be looking more to gold coins and bars.

But if one simply wants to look and feel great there is nothing quite so pleasurable as a well designed gold pendant.

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