Monday, March 20, 2006

Gold Watch

Nothing can look so elegant as a gold watch.

A cursory check online will display a multitude of gold watches and there are so many styles, types, as well as from the very expensive to the ‘five dollar’ watch.

Of course the cheaper watches will hardly have any gold if any on or on them and really do not qualify as gold watches.

At the other end you have the Rolex, Philippe Patek and other very expensive gold watches.

What you buy will largely depend on your budget or how much you want to spend. Also to some degree, if you are buying an expensive watch, why you chose a particular style or maker.

Watches can be bought for investment purposes although this is not very wise unless you are buying an expensive antique gold watch as\ and are experienced in this area.

Mostly, however, gold watches are bought for pleasure, to look at and for others to look at and admire or purely for functional reasons.

When buying a gold watch therefore, it is a good idea to keep in mind;

The reason you are buying the gold watch Do you want a purely functional watch for day to day use or is it to be worn mostly for special occasions?

What is you budget or what are you willing to spend? Is it for investment purposes or just to look nice and keep for ever?
Is accuracy of importance? How about under water? Is that an issue also?

All these factors should be considered and taken into account when you chose what gold watch you would like to buy.

Provided you have taken all the above into consideration it is likely you will eventually buy a gold watch that fills your requirements satisfactorily and gives you great pleasure into the bargain also

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