Friday, March 24, 2006

Gold Charm Bracelet

A gold charm bracelet can be an attractive fashion accessory that enhances or sets off the wearer or their clothes. It can also be a fashion statement in itself.

When selecting a gold charm bracelet there are a number of choices one can make.

Firstly you would consider your budget. The vast majority of gold charm bracelets out there are within the average budget but one can get some really expensive stuff if you budget will stretch to it. Many thousands of dollars can be spent on gold charm bracelets that are solid gold with diamonds and other gems set into it.

But, for the most part, one can simply either select a bracelet to which one can ad the charms of your choice or go for a ready made gold charm bracelet that has charms already attached.

Obviously it has to be charms that you like or feel suit you so the second choice would be more limited than the first. The first choice however, means that you have to spend some time seeking out the charms you particularly want and probably end up with an additional cost of those charms and the work to attach them in some cases.

It is probably advisable to stick to 14 or at the most 18 carat gold as you want the bracelet and the charms to be hard wearing. Having a bracelet on one’s wrist means that it juggles about and if the gold was pure it would wear down rather quickly. So a decent alloy mix with more hard wearing metals such as silver, zinc, copper and so forth would be the order of the day.

This applies to the charms as much as the bracelet itself. Also ensure you have a firm clasp and the charms are very firmly attached to the bracelet. You don’t want them disappearing on you after all your hard work accumulating them.

Provided you keep in mind the above, wearing a gold charm bracelet can be a pleasurable activity and give many hours of enjoyment not just for the wearer but also for those looking on!

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