Monday, March 27, 2006

Gold Bangle Bracelet

A gold bangle bracelet is usually composed of 14 carat gold. 14 carat gold means there is about 58.5 percent gold in the bracelet. This ensures that it is hard and durable and more prone to wear so much as if it was pure gold. Usually the rest is silver, bronze, zinc and sometimes copper.

14 carat gold is also the standard for industrial use of gold in such things as pen nibs and bushes on electrical instruments etc.

When buying a gold bangle bracelet ensure that it is solid 14 or more carat gold. Ensure that it is not gold plate but solid gold. Gold plate would be quite unsuitable for a gold bangle bracelet as the gold is usually very thin and would ware away after a few months. The actual bracelet might be made of a variety of metals including steel, copper or an alloy.

A 14 carat gold bangle bracelet will last quite well and will never lose its gold shine.

Also it is worth while shipping around as the prices for gold bangle bracelets vary. You can buy them for a much better price online so always ensure you select a reputable dealer from which to buy.

There are many different styles from the very thin to the slightly thicker. Some people where more than one gold bangle bracelet on one wrist depending on the thickness of the bangles.

Ensure you pick those that suit your build and coloring. If you have the right gold bangle bracelet on your wrist it will certainly enhance your appearance as well as look very fashionable into the bargain.

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