Friday, March 31, 2006

Rose Gold Ring

A rose gold ring can look really exquisite on the right hand and can be joy forever.

A few things are important to know about rose gold however before you venture into ownership of this unusual and striking ring.

In fact rose gold is simply gold that has been mixed with copper. All the metallic elements silvery in coloring. Only gold and copper are not. The color of gold can be changed by mixing in various portions of silver copper and even nickel and bronze or zinc.

As well as increasing the hardness and durability of the gold they also change the color and rose gold is achieved by mixing in copper with the gold. The more copper mixed in the deeper the hue of rose or red.

The terms rose, pink and red are all interchangeable and mean the same gold except that ‘rose’ and ‘pink’ are used more for marketing purposes.

To make white gold usually proportions of nickel and or palladium are used.

Some people think that old gold is red or rose gold. This is not true as a label for old or antique gold although some old gold may be rose gold it would not be true for all old or antique gold.

When you go to buy a rose gold ring do ensure that the jeweller can tell you what the gold content is and check how it looks in natural light, not just in the bright lights of the shop. Gold can look quite different outside in natural sunlight and this is generally how it will be normally seen. So you want to ensure it looks right on your finger.

It should be a natural fit, not too loose that it will slip off and not too tight that it is uncomfortable. It is true that some fingers increase in width with age so that should be taken into consideration. The size then, and the shape, design all play a part in what ring you eventually deicide to buy.

What ever your decision, wearing a rose gold ring can be a real delight and, being somewhat unusual, a talking piece as well.

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